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Colon Cleanse with Zeolite

Colon cancer is one of the worst terminal health complications that affect the large intestines. If one is careful, they will be fast to notice the fact that the condition starts off in small quantities and keeps increasing with the passage of every second if there is no ideal diagnosis.

 Usually, in the beginning, the clumps have no traces of cancer because they are still in their initial stages of development. However, as time goes by, the polyps, which are the non-cancerous clumps, gradually culminate into causes of colon cancer. The worst thing about these polyps is that they produce little or no signs and symptoms at all. Here are further facts.


Signs and Symptoms of Colon Cancer

As it has been made clear in the introduction, most of colon cancer signs and symptoms do not appear until regularly and when they do, they will look like this one below:

  • Sudden loss of weight
  • Slight bleeding in stool
  • The uncertainty of the health and condition of the rectum
  • Unexpected high levels of fatigue
  • Discomforts in the abdomen
  • Unusual gas and pain all over the body
  • Unrelated diarrhea and constipation when the patient least expects it

Causes of Colon Cancer

Reliable sources of information are quick to reveal the fact that up to this moment, there is no exact cause of colon cancer. However, expert healthcare professional reveals that the first complication that has an association with colon cancer begins when the patient encounters slights developments and alternations in their original genetic composition.

It is worth noting that it is the nature of the body to ensure that when healthy cells are present, they divide in a reasonable rate to keep the body running as usual but, when they DNA faces compromising mutation, they divide even when the body does not need them. It is the real cause of cancer.

1. Gene Mutation and Colon Cancer

Competent and reputable healthcare experts prove that inheriting genetically compromised genes does not necessarily mean a cause in cancer, but, their impacts are far too influential to pass for any level of ignorance. There are two types of colon cancer genes. Below are additional facts:

  • Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer: HNPCC increases the possibilities of contracting colon cancer. Most of the patients are bound to develop complication before 50 years.
  • Familial Adenomatous Polyposis: Here, polyps develop on the walls of the rectum and colon. The patient could have colon cancer by the age of 40.

Risk Issues

  • African American: When opposed to other races in the world, African Americans have a higher risk of having the occurrence of colon cancer.
  • High fats and low fiber: Note that an increase in the level of fats in the body and lack of adequate fiber increases the chances of colon cancer emerging.
  • Old age: Most patients that have colon cancer diagnosis are usually 50 years or older.
  • Diabetes: The higher the sugar level in the body, the higher the risk of colon cancer. Low levels of insulin also increase colon cancer.

Possible Solutions to Colon Cancer Today

Before healthcare experts can administer any treatment against colon cancer, a group of surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists combine efforts to come up with the most reliable, safe and affordable means of treatment for the patient. They consider a couple of tips to ensure quick and certain recovery. Here are the tips:

  • The social support of the patient and their nutritional status
  • The overall health condition of the patient
  • Other medications that the patient has been using
  • Other healthcare complications that the patient might have

Below are some possible solutions to colon and colorectal cancer as well as their potential side effects to patients.

 1. Surgery

It is one of the most common methods of combating cancer. Surgical resection occurs when the surgeon operates to remove the tumors around healthy tissues.

Surgery Side Effects

One critical complication with surgery includes intense pain in the area of operation. Patients that have other complications like colostomy have a high chance of suffering from irritations that surround the stoma. In other cases, diarrhea and constipation become part of the process as treatment continues.

2. Radiation Therapy

It is another reliable method of treating cancer through the use of x-rays. Note that these rays are high-energy ones creating the impression that they can destroy the cancer cells around a healthy organ in the body. A radiation oncologist is responsible for this type of treatment.

Radiation Therapy Side Effects

The side effects of radiation therapy stretch far and wide depending on the health of the patient. The first one is signs of bloody stools when the patient thinks they are getting better. Fatigue is another challenge and unreliable bowel capabilities. The final one is stomach upsets even the patient has had nothing to eat.

3. Chemotherapy

A medical oncologist is the expert healthcare professional in this field (Angelo, 2013, p. 74). Chemotherapy can treat colon cancer by introducing drugs int the system of the patient. The objective of the drugs is to subdue the growth rate of cancer cells in the body to mitigate the impacts of full-blown cancer.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

Mouth sores are one of the major side effects here. They cause the patient difficulties in ingesting food. A high level of fatigue is bound to occur as well. Also, there is the issue of vomiting frequently and hair loss even though it may seem unique to a certain type of genetic disorder.

4. Targeted Therapy

One can be able to tell from its name that it focuses on tissues, genes and protein cells that occur around cancer. Its task is to subdue the growth rate of cancer cells in the body by limiting that damage that colorectal cancer causes.

Targeted Therapy Side Effects

Targeted therapies have little side effects, and when they occur, they do not last. Rashes on the face are the common side effect here. Different patients react differently to targeted therapy according to the sensitivity levels of their skins. The good news is that most of these side effects have treatments.

Reasons why the above mentioned possible treatments are not as reliable as the use of Zeolite Powder

According to the American Medical Association, the best type of treatment is one that does not offer any form of side effect to the patient. In the case where side effects should occur, then it should be put into consideration as a last resort. A comparison of all the above methods of colon cancer treatment against the use of Zeolite Powder will be fast to reveal the fact that patients prefer no side effects meaning that they prefer the latter to the former. Here are the reasons why these methods do not sell as much as Zeolite Powder.

Side Effects

In the worst case of side effects like fatigue, the patient could end up developing other health complications that they would have been able to avoid given that they chose other methods of combating the deadly menace (Huang, 2013, p. 65). For example, in the case of fatigue and vomiting, the patient could lose their appetites, and when they fail to eat, it goes without saying that the intensity of the drugs they are consuming could be too critical for their bodies to handle.

In another perspective, some of these side effects make the patient and his immediate family incur an extra cost of medication. It creates the idea that if the initial treatment were a long way out the financial capabilities of the patient, these additional costs would be too much of baggage to them. In another perspective, the side effects could end up damaging other parts of the body. The large intestines form an influential part of the whole body but, it does not necessarily mean that the skin, mouth and other parts of the body do not necessarily need it.

Medical Cost

Patients could bypass the opportunity of getting the best colon cancer treatment like the radiotherapy, and targeted therapy are a whole lot of medical costs as compared to the best Zeolite over the counter colon cleanse for a colonoscopy because of the pocket-friendliness.

Even though surgery is sure to eliminate the occurrences of the cancer-causing cells, there is no denying the fact that complex medical procedures play a big role in mortality rate in all accredited healthcare organizations. With that in mind, patients prefer healthcare treatments that are certain to guarantee them not only quick recovery but, long lasting treatment.

Zeolite Powder is the best natural Colon Cleanse

When word got out to the world that the best way to do a natural cleanse is through the use of the Zeolite Powder, it became clear that they would be shifting all of their resources towards affording this new treatment. The most impressive aspect about this powder is that it does not limit its functionality to the elimination of cancer cells. It is vital to understand that the powder boost immunity levels are enabling the patient to have a better chance of fighting other potential diseases (William, 2015, p. 56).

In light of all of the above reasons, patients cite reasons such as zeolite is the best over the counter cleanse not only for weight loss but, also constipation. The previous two conditions are the most common side effects of all the other methods of treatment which means that zeolite powder has solved all the problems of cancer patients.

Zeolite powder associates with several colons cleanse benefits that are vital in fighting and preventing colon cancer. Some benefits of Zeolite Powder are

Provides Alkaline Environment

One major cause of colon cancer is too much acidity that leads to the formation of ulcers in the colon which later develops into colon cancer. The human body cannot avoid acidity since most of the food that people ingest contain acidic minerals.

However, there is a solution to the acidity by providing the body with alkaline components. The zeolite powder is a fantastic solution to colon cancer because it provides an alkaline environment in the colon. The powder contains some alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium that neutralizes the acidity in the colon by removing heavy metals hence providing a conducive non-acidic Ph (Sels, 2016, p. 53).

Reinforces the Immune System

The immune system is the most significant element when it comes to fighting all diseases. Cancers, including colon cancer, are very problematic because they can defeat the protective mechanisms of the immune system and lead to overwhelming complications. Colon cancer infection requires a tough immune system that works fast enough to prevent cancer cells from proliferating at a fast rate.

Colon treatment with zeolite powder is essential as it boosts the immune system by increasing the T-cell activity and multiplying the number of macrophages that counter the cancer cells. Apart from that, the zeolite powder protects the immune system from dangerous heavy metals hence making tough to fight

Effective Detoxifier

When it comes to colon cleansing, zeolite powder detox works like a pro. The colon is a sensitive organ because it receives food particles and other components that contain all kinds of toxins. When the toxins remain trapped in the colon, the become cancer causative agents which lead to an uncontrollable proliferation of the colon cells. Zeolite powder is a perfect solution for fighting and preventing abnormal growth of colon cells because it gets rid of all types of toxins that get to the colon.

The powder has a crystalline-like structure that contains negative charges which attract the positive charges of toxins such as lead and mercury. The honeycomb-like crystalline structure acts as a magnet for the harmful toxins including those of heavy metals. Once the toxins attach to the crystalline structure, other metabolic pathways find a way to exit them from the body system. The body does not retain zeolite powder in the system but excretes it just like other body wastes. Therefore; the zeolite powder fights colon cancer by keeping the system clean and free from cancer-causing toxins.

Keeps the Gut Healthy

An unhealthy gut causes pressure on the colon. When the intestinal walls suffer from injuries and leakages, the result is leakages of toxins from the intestine to the bloodstream. An infected bloodstream is a negative sign because it leads to a weak immune system. Zeolite powder is an effective cancer-fighting component because it keeps the gut healthy to function properly.

A healthy gut does not allow leakages of toxins to the bloodstream. The usage of zeolite powder as a supplement toughens the intestinal walls which in turn survive attacks from harmful chemicals. Intestinal walls that are tough enough to counter attacks from various harmful chemicals have fewer chances of suffering from colon cancer. The zeolite powder is; therefore, a vital colon cleanses diet hence fights against infection of cancer of the intestinal walls.

Reduce Stress Hormone Levels

Physicians encourage their patients to avoid stress and maintain a relaxed state of mind because stress hormones can pose harmful effects to the body. For instance, when an individual becomes depressed, the state triggers production of stress hormones which when produced in excess, they can destroy the lining of the internal organs including the ones associated with the colon.

People that cannot control their stress are more susceptible to colon cancer because they suffer from stomach ulcers from time to time due to a chemical imbalance. Evidenced-based sources reveal that the zeolite powder improves the mood of a person, that is, reducing anger, depression, and anxiety among others hence maintaining a proper balance between body chemicals. By improving an individual’s mood, the zeolite powder reduces instances of excessive stress chemicals production hence preventing the development of colon tumors or worsening of the condition where a person already has the infection.

Fights Harmful Microbes

The human body cannot function without microbes. Some classes of microbes are helpful to the body in many ways, that is, aid in metabolic pathways, form important components, aid in body detoxification among others. However, some classes of microbes are harmful to the body. Harmful microbes are major causes of disease infection hence they are responsible for a weak immune system.

A compromised immune system is dangerous because it cannot withstand the force posed by tumors. The zeolite powder is a powerful element regarding fighting harmful microorganisms because it can differentiate the helpful and the hazardous microbes. Zeolite does not interfere with the helpful microorganisms when in a mission to destroy the potentially harmful microbes. 

In fact, the powder only detects the potential hazardous microorganisms before they can suppress the immune system (Mavian, 2016, p. 67). The human body system cannot avoid microbes because they are tiny elements that exist in every immediate environment that is, air, water, food and objects that people touch on a regular basis.

Therefore, harmful microbes will try to deprive the immune system on a regular basis by causing various kinds of infections. Suppose an individual uses zeolite powder with an intent to combat colon cancer; the results will be positive because the immune system is already in a perfect condition to detect and kill any foreign material that has the potential to develop into tumors.

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Colon cancer appears among the diseases associated with high mortality rate. A major cause of mortality rate due to colon cancer is late treatment. It is not easy to detect the development of colon cancer since its invisible symptoms are similar to those of other common complications such as Irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. Suppose you are uncertain of whether you might have colon cancer, common symptoms are weight loss, fatigue, abdomen discomfort, and bleeding in the stool. 

You should make an effort to see a physician if you notice any of the mentioned signs and symptoms. Prevention is better than cure hence you need to know the causes of cancer which are; gene mutation, hereditary issues, and Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. Also, colon cancer associated with a few risk factors which are high fat level, old age, diabetes and African-American heritage. Any linkage with the risk factors should let you know where you are at risk of suffering from intestinal cancer.

Suppose you or any of your relatives have colon cancer, there is no need to stress about the situation because people can survive colon cancer through several solutions. Surgery leads to positive results 99% of the time because the process erases the tumor completely. However, you have been ready for the choice of treatment because it associates with too much pain around the incision region. 

Another option is radiation therapy which kills the colon cancer cells by using x-rays and gamma rays. Most colon cancer patients opt for chemotherapy as a method of fighting the tumor. It is indeed an effective method, but sometimes the drugs can cause deterioration of the body strength. The most effective method of fighting colon cancer is the use of zeolite powder. Unlike the above mitigation strategies that focus only on a cure, the zeolite powder gears towards both cure and prevention. The powder is like a soldier guarding your colon against cancer causative agents. You can find the zeolite powder in most drug stores. Apart from the powder form, the component is available in different forms such as liquid zeolite and supplements in the form of pills.

Zeolite is a proper mitigation strategy regarding colon cancer because it harbors a combination of multiple properties that all work towards preventing and fighting the intestinal tumor. Professional and certified physicians recommend the zeolite powder mainly because it boosts the immune system hence making it strong to counter the proliferous cells. Apart from that, the powder cleanses the body of harmful microbes and toxins that suppress the immune system.

You do not need to be suffering from colon cancer to try out the zeolite powder. You can use it occasionally to keep your body and immune system healthy. Using the powder prevents the development of intestinal tumor hence reducing your chances of suffering from the deadly disease. Apart from that, the zeolite feeds your gut system with proper minerals and nutrients required for tough intestinal walls. After going through the above article, you should be hurrying to the nearest drugstore to pick your zeolite powder. Suppose the colon cancer details do not concern your health, you could be of help to a friend or relative suffering from the killer disease.

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FAQs about Zeolite Powder and Colon Cleanse

Why is zeolite considered more effective than chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery?

Zeolite is a combination of properties that fight colon cancer by feeding the gut with the right diet, destroying harmful chemicals and microbes, and boosting the immune system.

How long should I use zeolite?

You can use zeolite any time you want including on a daily basis. However, children under 12 years, pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid zeolite products due to a few complications (Morris, 2017, p. 96).

What are the side effects of using zeolite?

A side effect associated with zeolite is constipation though it occurs in rare cases.

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