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Zeolite for Gout and Uric Acid

Gout is one of the worst types of arthritis that occur at any time and to anyone. Its major traits include severe pain, tenderness of joints, more so the big toe. It causes intense swelling that limits the patient’s movements to the extent of being disabled. The relationship between gout and uric acid levels in the body is clear in that the more the presence of the acid in the body, the more detrimental the situation could turn. The objective of this article is to embrace the use of Zeolite Powder as the core means of treatment of this deadly disease. 


Symptoms of Gout

The following are the top medical reported symptoms of Gout:

  • Limited Motion: The first sign of this disease occurs when the patient suddenly feels like his movement cannot move as well as it did in the past.
  • Extreme Discomfort: The thing about this complication is that even though during the first stages it appears and disappears occasionally, it ends up coming back for good and never leaves.
  • Intense Joint Pain: The most affected part of the body is the big toe of the foot. As a result of this, other joints like the knee and the groin begin experiencing deadly levels of pain. 

Causes of Gout

Medical history has shown the following to be the top causes of Gout:

  • Uric Crystals Accumulation: When the level of uric acid in your body becomes too much for the body to handle, uric crystals end up accumulating in sensitive joints of the body like the knee, feet and other places.
  • Food rich in Purine: Most alcoholic beverages contain fructose which passes for breaking down in the body to cause these purines. Taking too much liquor could increase the possibilities of contracting this disease.
  • Heightened Uric Acid Production: Under typical circumstances, the objective of the kidney is to break down uric acid and pass it out in the form of urine. 

Risk factors leading to Gout

  • Sex and Age: Research proves that men have a higher chance of getting this complication as opposed to women. The simple explanation behind this fact is that women have a less level of uric crystals as compared to men.
  • Genetic Interactions: It goes without saying that if one member of the family or two or a couple has this complication, it is likely that you are bound to be the next victim.
  • Obesity: Obese people have a higher chance of suffering from this disease because their bodies produce a lot of uric acids which could be more than what the body is capable of handling.

Preventing Gout and high levels of Uric Acid in the Body

  • Avoid Liquor: Even though alcohol offers temporary solutions to pending problems, after the feeling is over, the individuals begin regretting.
  • Watch your Proteins: The consumption of foods like poultry and beef that are rich in high protein is an important tip to keep in mind to prevent the occurrence of this complication.
  • Watch your Weight: As it has been made clear in the previous version of this study, an increase in weight increases the level of uric acid concentration in the body, a situation that could lead to this health issue. 

Heavily Marketed Gout Treatments


The role that this drug plays in combating this disease is the reduction of inflammation in some of the most sensitive areas and joints of patients. Note that failure to attend to these swelling results to insurmountable amounts of pain that the patient cannot hold no matter how strong they are.

Side Effects
  • The first negative side of this drug is the fact that it causes diarrhea which is accompanied closely by feelings of nausea. 
  • Abdominal pain is bound to occur because the groin is a stronger joint as opposed to the knee.
  • Others include vomiting in different types of patients.


The task of this treatment is to lower the level of uric acid in the body. In the previous bits of this article, it was made clear that an increase in this level of urate crystal is tantamount to increased levels of gout.

Side Effects
  • The first one here is a loss of appetite. When this occurs, sores begin to form in the mouth which, in turn, lead to lack of appetite.
  • The impressive thing about this drug is the fact that it exposes the patients to only a few manageable side effects.


Its role is more or less the same as Probenecid. They have the objective of cutting down the impacts of urate crystals in the body by ensuring that when uric acid begins to exceed more than what the body can handle, they come in to get the job done for the body.

Side Effects
  • The major side effect of this type of medication is the fact that it causes frequent feelings of nausea. Even though research proved that there is no other side effect, the impacts of nausea are far too impressive to pass for ignorance.


The good thing about this drug is that it does not limit its use to strictly solving the menace of this disease. Instead, it seeks to rectify all default parts and functionalities within the whole system. Here, the patient stands a better chance of handling swellings and pain.

Side Effects
  • It causes persistent nausea. In the worst-case scenario, this drug could increase the capabilities of the patient to suffer from cardiac arrest as it has anti-inflammatory features which could malfunction.
  • It could cause kidney issues like stones. The problem here is that patients are never keen to notice the status of their kidneys and this could result in catastrophic impacts.


It is another reliable marketed method of combating this deadly disease. It is responsible for preventing the prevalence of uric acid to the rest of the body. Its first role is to ensure that the uric acid does not elevate to health hazard levels in the first place and when it fails in this, it has a contingency to keep the damage from spreading to the rest of the body.

Side Effects
  • Here, stomach upsets are bound to occur. The patient is also likely to feel high drowsiness effects that could render him unbalanced for an indefinite period.

Why Zeolite Powder is better Solution compared to these Drugs?

The reason why the above methods do not work as effectively as opposed to Zeolite Powder:

  • No Side Effects: The most impressive thing about Zeolite Powder is that no matter how critics try to point out its negative impacts, they are still nothing compared to the intense levels of side effects that these drugs offer when putting together. The truth is that according to the American Medical Association, the best type of treatment is the one that predisposes the patient to strictly no amount of side effect. In its elaboration, the organization is fast to pose the rhetorical question, that what is the relevance of treating one complication and giving rise to yet another? When the manufacturers of these drugs were sought about the reason why patient prefer Zeolite Powder treatment to what they offer, they went on the record to state that those side effects that come with most of these medications are manageable. Here, there is contrary of ideas in the sense that even though the impacts of the side effects might be too minimal, there is no denying the fact that they can amount to something more detrimental than gout.
  • Additional Expenses: In universal Nursing Techniques like those that Red Cross and other international organization currently require to include bilingualism and transnational skills and knowledge. With this in mind, the reason why international service provision is the order of the day is that less than two decades back, ideal healthcare services were a thing that only privileged people in society could afford. It creates the idea that supposes other less-fortunate people fell sick; it is likely that they may not be able to access the same treatment as the privileged persons of society. It is for the same reason that Red Cross thought it would be better to intervene and come up with an international standard of healthcare providers that will require the organization and its professionals to deliver quality services to everyone in society despite their financial abilities, race and other types of discrimination ideas. The reason why these treatments do not work as well as Zeolite powder is the fact that less-fortunate people in the world cannot access the additional expenses that come with consuming some of these medications. Like any other patient out there, most gout patients prefer treatment methods that offer no form of side effect.
  • The Emergence of Zeolite Powder: Research proves that ever since the introduction of this powder in the healthcare industry, terminal complications like cancer are getting a new meaning of the term treatment. The reason why this powder is selling more than any other type of treatment in the game is because its positives effects in the body are to die for, yet the supplement is affordable and easy to consume, as opposed to the other types of medication. To this point in the study, it is clear that whether Zeolite Powder is given over the counter or not, the impact is still the same.

Why Zeolite Powder is an effective Solution for Gout and Uric Acid?

Zeolite is an effective solution as it contains components and properties that keeps uric acid in check.

Zeolite Reduces Body Acidity

The main reason for inflammation of the body joints is too much acidity in the body. Zeolite powder contains elements that provide an alkaline environment in the body hence reducing the amount of acid circulating in the body. Zeolite powder gets rid of too much acid responsible for high levels of pH

Once you begin using zeolite powder, the rate of inflammation at the joints reduces because there are no excess acidic elements deposited at the joints. More than 80% of individuals that use zeolite to treat joint inflammation report that they increased energy after consuming the powder because the alkaline environment strengthens the bones at the joints. 

Zeolite Powder Eliminates Heavy Metals

The human body contains a variety of heavy metals due to the types of food consumed, medication drugs, breathing in contaminated air or drinking water that contain some heavy metals. However, the body can get rid of the heavy metal through various biological processes. Zeolite powder has a 3-dimensional structure that allows the binding of heavy metals. Metals like copper, lead, mercury and zinc can lead to inflammation because they are acidic.

The common symptoms of heavy metal poisoning are a headache, weakness and tiredness, arching and inflamed joints together with constipation. Zeolite powder relieves all the symptoms by binding to the heavy metals causing the poisoning and awaiting elimination. Once zeolite attaches to the metals, chances of the poisonous elements breaking free are rare. Consider powdering a quick way to keep the urine acidity level balanced as it eliminates the elements of excess acidity. 

Zeolite Powder Detoxifies the Body

Common toxins found in the body of human beings are responsible for high levels of acidity in urine. Hence, they are major causes of the joint inflammation disease. Evidence-based research reveals that high acidity causes 97% of America’s population health complications. Acidic toxins can make their way to every organ in the body. Think about the toxins that human beings expose themselves to every day of their lives. They are the very elements that lead to high level of acidity in the body hence causing severe joint inflammations.

Fortunately, the zeolite is an effective detoxifier as it breaks down the toxins. Zeolite is one of the few negatively charged minerals on earth. It acts as a filter for all the toxins found in the body. As a result, the powder improves the health of the kidney by reducing the acidic substances that reach the organ. Since the powder prevents too many toxins from reaching the purifying organ, the amount of acid released from the kidney remains reasonable hence preventing excess acidic trace elements depositing at the body joints. Apart from that, the powder reduces lactic acid at the muscles around the body joints hence providing a healthy joint environment. Consuming zeolite is, therefore, an effective solution of treating the joint inflammation disease.

Zeolite increases Assimilation of Vitamins

Physicians recommend consuming vitamin diet to help lower the level of acid caused by purines. A medicine study published in March 2009 reveals that individuals who consume low amounts of vitamin C are likely to be victims of the joint inflammation disease. Another medical study revealed that low levels of vitamin D are a risk factor for the joint swelling disease. Clinical tests show that zeolites increase the rate of absorption of vitamins in the body. In short, zeolite helps your body assimilate vitamins that lower the level of acid released by the kidney.

Vitamin D is responsible for maintaining strong bones. Since joint bones ought to be strong enough, vitamin D is a perfect mineral for preventing joint weakness. Zeolite improves the manner in which the human body interacts with the vitamins hence reduces the chances of high acidity level of the waste from the kidneys. Patients who follow physicians’ instruction on consuming foods rich in vitamin to fight the gout disease confess that the vitamins do bring positive results, but the outcome is better when they couple the minerals with zeolite powder. For instance, a patient revealed that combining the consumption of cherry fruits with the medicinal powder reduces chances of joint swelling disease by 75%. Also, chances of the disease recurring are minimum because the zeolite powder effects are permanent.

Reduction of Pro-inflammatory Processes

Some foods that people consume are high in the amount of histamine they contain. Histamines are chemicals produced by the body to fight irritable reactions. Sometimes, the level of histamine produced becomes too much for the body, and when there is histamine intolerance, inflammation is likely to occur including at the body joints. When the kidney releases waste that contains too much acid due to toxins such as heavy metals, the body responds by producing histamines.

When the amount produced is too high, the body becomes intolerant to histamine hence causing inflammation. The body produces Diamine Oxidase which is an enzyme the tackles histamines to prevent them from being re-absorbed in the body. However, sometimes the amount of diamine oxidase produced is not enough to suppress histamine. That is where zeolite powder comes in handy. The powder can bind to histamine and eliminates it via stool hence preventing its porous activities. Through binding to histamine, zeolite powder reduces inflammation caused by excess acid in the kidney.

Zeolite Powder Bind to Free Radicals in the Body

Free radicals are unstable atoms in the body. They are outcomes of oxygen molecules splitting into single unpaired electrons. Free radicals are dangerous to the human body because they are very reactive therefore damaging the body cells through a series of reactions. Medical-related research reveals that the unpaired electrons are responsible to the Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease that involves swelling of the joints.

Zeolite powder absorbs free radicals in the body and eliminates them from the body hence reducing the inflammation of muscle joints. The human body has mechanisms of fighting free radicals but when people age, they become vulnerable because their immune system is not strong enough to handle the uncharged particles. However, the medicinal powder can compensate for the weak immune system by binding to the unwanted radicals. Old age is a risk factor for the joint swelling illness. Therefore, individuals can use zeolite to protect themselves and avoid joint inflammation attacks. 

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Body toxicity amounts to 97% causes of health complications in the United States of America. One common disease caused by body toxicity is joint inflammation, and it can become chronic if an affected individual does not take necessary precautions. Though some risk factors such as old age are unavoidable, people can still avoid the illness. Consuming vitamins and other important foods together with avoiding toxic substances such as alcohol are some ideal ways of evading the lethal infection. However, people may be unaware that some substances they consume such as water or even food may already contain elements that cause high acid content in the body. Therefore, it is possible to have the infection by unknowingly consuming toxic substances from food, water or taking in contaminated air from the surrounding environment. 

When you get the joint swelling disease, you can do something about the situation. The disease is treatable, and several additional measures make managing or curing the illness an easy task. Medication drugs such as Colchicine, Probenecid, Febuxostat, and Allopurinol are suitable for curing the inflammation illness. They all lead to positive results. However, you have to prepare for the side effects associated with the drugs. Though most of the side effects are not lethal, they can cause some irritating body sensations because of the chemicals they contain.

Zeolite, on the other hand, is a naturally occurring material that prevents and cures the disease by enabling several mechanisms. The powder is fantastic because unlike the medicated drugs, zeolite has zero side effects. You can consume the product to evade joint inflammation, or you can consume it a method of surviving the illness. The magical powder purifies your body without interfering with your normal health status. The prescription drugs have few mechanisms for improving the body’s pH. while zeolite powder acts by more than two mechanisms. The substances inhibit the actions of all types of toxins that are responsible for swelling of the body joints. The benefits of zeolite powder for keeping the acidity levels of the body indicate that the substance is the ultimate solution to preventing the joint swelling illness. 

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FAQs about Zeolite Powder, Gout and Uric Acid

What are the side effects of zeolite?

There is only one type of zeolite used for medicinal purposes, and it does not cause any side effects. It is a naturally occurring material.

Is consuming zeolite powder the best method of removing excess acid from joints?

Zeolite powder consumption is the best method because the powder works by several mechanisms hence removing 99% of the excess acid components deposited on the body joints.

What are some of the foods that balance the purine content in the body?

Foods that keep purines level in check include: high fiber foods such as Spinach, Vitamin C products, and antioxidant-rich foods.

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