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Zeolite for Weight Loss

Most people who have weight issues go to the internet to look for quick permanent solutions to solve this problem. According to Healthdata.org, the number of overweight and obese individuals in the world increased from 857 million (20%) in 1980 to 2.1 billion (30%) in 2013. From this same period, the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children also increased by 50%.

According to the Time Magazine, obesity currently costs the world $2 Trillion a year according to the new reports. This goes to show that there is a big problem as far as lowing weight is concerned.


But the problems don’t just stop there; for most people reading this article, being overweight is one problem and finding the right weight loss solution is another. Finding an effective diet has worked for some people. But diet alone will not give you that nice looking body.

To make the matters worse, there are a million variations and combinations to an effective diet. It seems endless and this causes most people to throw up their hands in frustrations and give up. For those that have tried sticking to a strict diet or working out and given up have resulted to weight-loss surgery. But none of that really works. So, what is the solution to weight loss? We will discus that in detail.

Weight Loss Solutions Recommended by Commercial Doctors

There are some weight loss solutions recommended by commercial doctors that never seem to work, and if they do work, it’s only temporary. One of these solutions is the use of surgery to get rid of that excess fat and tone your body. These surgeries are normally done by stopping the normal function of the digestive system. Commercial doctors will advice you to undergo the most effective surgery like Gastric Bypass which involves modifying the digestive tract.

Starvation, fasting or very low-calorie diets will also be recommended to people struggling with their weights. This entails severely slashing calories that may lead to weight gain. So this also means keeping away what you love to eat and just sticking to what has been recommended by the nutritionist or doctor.

It has also been seen in most hospitals, where doctors encourage their patients to be involved in severe workouts combined with the supplements sold by these doctors. This is a common advice as it proves to work within a short time. So this means that you have to crack your schedule and workout at least twice per day. While there is no problem with working out, in fact, this is one of the most natural ways you can lose weight. However, the combination of extreme works and along with the use of excessive weight loss supplements can become health hazard. 

Why Solutions Recommended by Commercial Doctors Don't Work?

When deciding to go for surgery to lose that excess weight, you should also understand that there are dangers associated with it. Of course this solution works to some extent—that’s why doctors make money out of it. You need to know that the bigger the surgery the more effective it is, so there will be a higher percentage of excess weight loss. But at the same time, the risks or complications also increases. Vitamin deficiencies are a common aftermath of a weight loss surgery—something commercial doctors will never tell you.

Starvation, fasting or eating a very low-calorie diet also has its dangers. Although this will lead to weight loss, remember the lost weight includes precious muscle and lowers your metabolism. When you drastically restrict calories from being absorbed by your body, you will also cause a shift toward a higher percentage of body fat, so you will also be increasing the risk of developing a metabolic syndrome and/or type 2 diabetes. When you cut your calories below 1,200 per day then you will struggle to get enough nutrients to satisfy your hunger and fuel your activities.

As said above, there is nothing wrong with exercising. But doing it to the extreme and topping up with supplements sold by doctors is dangerous. Most of these supplements don’t work and extreme exercise only makes a good reality television show. Too much workout causes severe wear and tear which increases the risk of injury, electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. So your exercises will be nothing but a punishment for eating.

Why Zeolite is the Best Solution for Weight Loss?

What you need to get rid of the excess weight, is a natural solution that will have zero effect on your health and well-being. Zeolite is the solution. This is a naturally occurring clay-like compound that comes from the volcanic earth deposits produced from the interaction of ash and volcanic rock with the underground water. But how can you lose weight with zeolite?

The main benefit of zeolite powder is that it is the best detoxifying agent out there. Normally what happens when your body is toxin-free is that digestion and burning of fat becomes more efficient. So you will hardly feel hungry or longed for the wrong kind of food. The key point here is a better working metabolism. You will automatically gain weight if your metabolism is slow. Here is how zeolite weight loss products work:

  • Zeolite as a weight loss aid can get into the bloodstream with ease especially if it’s in powder form. Once it gets through cell walls and enters the bloodstream, it gathers toxins as it moves through the body. The cage size of a zeolite particle is very small and consists of a durable build that holds toxins in through small pillars. This means that it can collect even the smallest toxins.
  •  The particles are also negatively charged to attract toxins. So the toxins stick to the zeolite particles and stay on board until they are removed from the body. It generally takes zeolite powder 8 hours to go through your entire body. This means that you can clean up your body in a matter of hours. So with a fully functioning body and toxin-free body organs, your body will be able to get rid of the excess body fats.
  •  While detoxing with zeolite might cause some fatigue early on, you will feel improved and have a more sustained energy level during and after taking zeolite for weight loss. When your energy levels are up there, you will not overfeed as your body is already satisfied.
  •  The other major way of keeping your body in shape and getting rid of your weight is by controlling your cravings. It is a myth that cravings can be controlled with just will-power alone. But it is important to understand that cravings are based in hormonal imbalances. So you will be correct to say that zeolite powder and weight loss is not fantasy. Once you detox your body, you will be able to bring your hormones to balance and control your cravings.
  •  Being able to curb your food addiction will also go a long way into helping you lose weight. Just like alcohol or any drug addiction, people who are more biochemically prone to addiction can be addicted to food. Junk manufacturers take advantage of that fact. If you have high levels of dopamine receptors, you will have higher chances of becoming addicted to food and hence gain weight. Detoxifying your body with zeolite powder will clean up the mess and curb the addiction.

Now you understand why zeolite powder weight loss happens so fast.

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And with that in mind, it is now clear that losing your weight is not as hard or as complicated as some fitness gurus put it. In fact, as seen above, the most complicated weight loss solutions end up affecting your health and well-being.

However, adding zeolite to your diet will not only help you lose weight, but also keep the toxins that damage your body out. The best part about this weight loss solution is that it doesn’t have any side effects. So there is more than just weight loss you stand to enjoy when you choose the natural zeolite weight loss products. So does zeolite help with weight loss? Of course it does.

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FAQs about Zeolite as a Weight Loss Aid

How do I take Zeolite?

To experience the best results when you take zeolite as a weight loss aid, it is advisable that you take 1 level teaspoon of the powder twice a day. You should take it at least 1 hour away from food or supplements.


If you are under prescribed medication, it is important that you consult your health practitioner for advice.


You should stir the powder into some water then take plenty of pure water afterwards through out the day. This helps in flushing and cleansing the body. It is advisable that you take water with a low mineral content as this removes the impurities an waste substances better than the mineral rich water.

When should I take Zeolite?

You can lose weight with Zeolite if you take it at the right time. The best times to take your zeolite is in the morning and evening to support the body’s rhythm on the peak of its elimination phase. Additionally, the detox process can be completed by taking high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits and green juices.

How long will it be before I see results?

It is important to be realistic with weight loss questions so as not to sound like the usual adverts that promise heaven. You need to understand that zeolite is not a wonder drug.


So when you should expect to see the results, solely depends on the individual person. This is because every person shows toxicity in their body in different ways. There are those that will have a bad skin while others will show severe medical issues. So there are different levels in people depending on the person’s exposure to heavy metals and toxins. And as you know, you will effectively lose weight once you clear the toxins from the body. So the higher the toxin levels the longer it will take before you start losing weight.


It is a general recommendation that you take zeolite weight loss products for at least 90 days then re-evaluate your body weight to see what progress has been achieved. You should also ensure that the dosage you are taking is the recommended one based on your needs. This is the only way you will receive the optimum benefit of your zeolite. So don’t overdose on it simply because the expected positive results seem to delay.

How is Zeolite different than other detoxifiers?

Zeolite is a mineral that’s negatively charged and very porous. What this means is that it attracts positively charged toxins like radioactive materials and heavy metals, then traps them within its cavernous structure. This ability is what makes it different from other detoxifiers.


Whatever toxins absorbed by zeolite are normally carried out of the body delivering a deep zeolite body cleanse. This is why you stand to experience a huge weight difference when you take zeolite. However, other detoxifiers often trigger a Herxheimer reaction since they cannot transport the toxins after they have pulled them out of the cells.

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