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Zeolite for the Immune System and pH Balance

When there is too much toxic heavy metals and other harmful toxins in the body, the obvious result is a devastating effect on the body’s organs, cells and other vital bodily functions. When there is a toxic buildup in the body, this can also inhibit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the foods we eat.

According to studies carried out, it was found that mercury from amalgam dental fillings can cause excessive anger, depression and problems with anxiety. In most cases, these issues are dismissed and associated with a “stressful life” or a chemical imbalance and not the buildup of heavy metals. This is due to the fact that many signs of heavy metal buildup are vague and in most cases are mistaken for something else.


When there is heavy metal buildup, the body experiences nutrient deficiencies and this normally affects your emotional well being. When you are emotionally unstable, you are bound to become ill or depressed. Zeolite has the ability to remove toxic substances out of our bodies, blood and tissues. So this material not only helps improve the physical health of a person and improve the energy levels but can also improve the emotional wellbeing. So you will always have a positive frame of mind when you take in zeolite in any form.

So as much as life can be stressful sometimes, even without heavy metals bringing you down, zeolite has the power to support positive mood by helping your body reduce the build-up of heavy metals.

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