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Zeolite for Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological health complexity that has a close relation with seizures that originate from unfamiliar activities that occur within the brain. It is worth noting, however, that seizures do not entirely mean that one is suffering from epilepsy. It is still important to go for frequent medical check-ups when the seizures become too frequent and for no apparent reason.

Other than seizures, staring blankly for some time without any motion could be a sign of epilepsy. In this study, the symptoms, causes as well as the use of Zeolite Powder to counter its health implications will come out to meet the expectations of the individual suffering from epilepsy and/or seizures. 


Symptoms of Epilepsy

The thing with this neurological complication is that during the occurrences of the seizures, a repetition of what happened the last time it took place is bound to occur again. Here are some of the major signs and symptoms.

  • The problem of staring blankly for no clear reason.
  • Psychic complexities like anxiety and stress that have no concise origin.
  • Frequent loss of consciousness when the patient least expects it.
  • Uncontrollable impromptu motions of jerking around the legs and arms during convulsing.
  • Unexplained levels of confusion that stays for a certain period. 

Types of Seizures

Focal Seizures while still Conscious

There are two major types of seizures, depending on how the brain responds when the attack happens. If they happen in a single section of the brain, it means that they are focal seizures.

The first one of these is the focal seizure that affects the patient even when he is still conscious. Here, the patient is bound to feel involuntary arm and leg movements in jerking states. The natural senses could develop different alterations and working mechanisms, unlike their typical operation capabilities. Changing how something feels or tastes could create a neurological imbalance that could result in unforeseen circumstances.

Focal Seizures with partial Consciousness

When you align this seizure with its predecessor, you will be quick to notice that this one involves loss of awareness in one way or the other. Also, the staring into space for long without having anything particular to look at belongs to this category of seizure. Losing consciousness has several demerits that stretch far and wide depending with the genetic make-up of each patient as well as his immediate surrounding during the occurrence of the seizure. Additional symptoms including repetitive behavior and rubbing hands or legs against each other for long.

Generalized Seizures

When it comes to the generalized seizures, you will be quick to notice that that the major difference is that while the others may affect certain parts of the brain, this one affects everything about the brain. Thus, the intensity of the health implications of the generalized seizures could be a whole lot more than the impaired seizures. The effects of this neurological complication are far more detrimental than they seem in writing. In this part of the study, the different types of generalist seizures will emerge. Below are further facts.

Tonic Seizures

They are a type of neurological impairment that causes stiffening of muscles. In the real world, when this occurs, it is likely that movement and other motions of the body will be limited, and you may end up falling.

Tonic-Clonic Seizures

Scientists think that this could be the worse type of seizures because all hell breaks loose including the ability to control one bladder. It causes the lack of control of various senses and functionality systems of the body including involuntary body movements like shaking vigorously and tongue-biting in the worst-case scenario.

Clonic Seizures

The more the repetitions occur as soon as the attack takes place, the higher the chances of developing this condition. Experts warn that if the patient develops this seizure and all of a sudden, breaks the routine; it is likely that the situation is getting out of hand and require the intervention of neurologists.

Causes of Seizures

The negative thing here is that this health issue has no specific cause. It gives the idea that treating it could be a hectic task. Here are some of its causes:

  • Trauma in the head
  • A variety of brain complications
  • Genetic complexities
  • Prenatal head injuries
  • Infectious diseases 

Traditional Epilepsy and Seizure Treatments

Today, there are medications and ideal treatment ranging from surgery to therapies that can cut down the health effects. Even so, there are still some side effects that come with taking those treatments. This part of the article aims to discuss these treatments.

Anti-Epileptic Medications

Children more so, have the advantage of taking this medication because it has properties that reduce the impacts of the neurological disorder. It is effective as children could stop using as soon as they hit adulthood. Here are some of the side effects:

  • Weigh gain
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue 


It is likely that the medication could fail to depend on the environmental genetic or environmental factors of the patient. Surgery solves this issue by removing the organ in the brain that is affected. Targeted surgery is effective though patients will continue to take medications to prevent further occurrence of the disease in the future. The positive value of surgery is that it gives new hope to the patient, one that he has never experienced before and, this could increase their chances of recovery. Here are the side effects:

  • Possible surgical errors
  • Consistent drugs and medications
  • Expensive 


Another crucial type of medication is therapy. The greatest plus with therapy in any neurological complexity is that it gives the patient the opportunity to recover in the presence of their family and friends. Three major therapies can work for this complication: 

1. Ketogenic Diet

Taking food that is rich in fats lowers the chances of suffering from this complication more so, in children. Introducing your child to a certain routine of this Ketogenic Diet will go a long way in ensuring that your baby leads a typical childhood life worth recalling.

2. Stimulation of the Vagus Nerve

It is one of the types of operations where the medical experts place an inhibitor under the chest’s skin. Research proves that this device can lower the effects of the simulations in the brain by up to 40%. In the real world, this is a medical miracle because it reduces the health issues’ implication by close to half of its initial effects.

3. Deep Brain Stimulation

Here, electrodes work with a specific organ in the Thalamus to send additional electric impulses to the brain.

These therapy procedures are great. However, they too have side effects:

  •  Slightly expensive
  • Combines many medications
  • Possible surgical errors

Why Traditional Epilepsy and Seizure Treatments do not Work?

The above are the most marketed methods of treatments, and this part of the article we explain why they do not work as opposed to the Zeolite Powder.

Many Side Effects

The problem with most of these therapies and surgical methods come with an extra piece of side effects that require additional medical expenses.

Lack of Support

Friends and family of the patient might not be willing to go the extra mile that is necessary for helping the patient recover as soon as possible. Financial, emotional as well as cognitive support is an essential part of therapies and failure to deliver these policies could slow down the process of recovery.

Additional Healthcare Bills

Dealing with an extra healthcare issue that one would have otherwise, been able to avoid; suppose they chose to use other methods like Zeolite over the counter is a difficult truth to overcome. The problem here is that these bills could be too expensive for certain families.

The Introduction of Zeolite Powder

Treating epilepsy with zeolite powder is one of the best things that has ever happened to epileptic patients. The power of this powder in cleansing all parts of the body, including the brain, will be certain to have a long-lasting effect of recovery for the patient.

There is no cure for the epilepsy disorder. However, the current medication recommended for managing epilepsy gear towards reducing the instances of seizures and other underlying factors. Zeolite is the best solution to managing mental illness symptoms since it works via several mechanisms to keep the body strong and free from infection-causing agents.

Reduces Oxidative Stress

Medical sources reveal that oxidative stress is a major factor that leads to epilepsy. Apart from the common risk factors, free radicals in the body are responsible for stressing the human brain which in turn leads to brain disorder symptoms. According to the article Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity oxidative stress caused by free radicals in the body is a factor that explains the process of epileptogenesis.

Unstable atoms that occur as a result of the splitting of oxygen atoms have high chances of causing neural death with interferes with the functioning of the brain. Zeolite powder is a perfect solution for reducing the symptoms of the neurological complication because it eliminates the free radicals from the body hence protecting the brain from damage.

Zeolite powder contains charged compounds which absorb the free radicals hence keeping the body free of unstable particles. Free radicals always exist in the body, but the human biological system has mechanisms for handling the free ions. However, some people may be more vulnerable to the free radicals than other people because of certain risk factors. Such individuals require zeolite powder to assist in eliminating the radicals hence avoid oxidative stress. Frequent consumption of the zeolite powder protects and improves the health of the brain. Therefore, the mentally ill patients will observe positive changes when they consume the powder as many times as they can.

Eliminates Toxins

Toxins are part of human life. Toxins exist everywhere in the human world. Industries and companies release gases and chemicals which contain thousands of toxins. The food we consume also contains toxins. The water we drink other consumable liquids also contains invisible contaminants. The human body contains several biological mechanisms that eliminate toxins from the system. However, a lot of toxins remain in the body, and their build-up may result in brain fog which is a symptom related to the epileptic disorder. Zeolite is a natural compound that detects and eliminates all types of toxins from the body. The contaminants that find their way in the human body on a daily basis are dangerous because they lead to reactions that interfere with vital biological processes including those of the brain.

Epilepsy patients show signs of memory loss and confusion which are a result of brain fog. Zeolite is an incredible natural medicine as it eliminates toxins by attaching to them and flushing them out of the body. Removal of toxins from the body reduces stress posed to the brain hence prevention of epilepsy or suppression of the underlying factors. Put a stop to the home remedies and other methods you use for body detoxification for a while. It is time to purchase your zeolite powder because soon, your epilepsy symptoms will subside. Protect the Brain by Boosting the Immune System.

Improves Immune System

The status of the immune system determines the health of the brain. Suppose the immune system is not strong enough to fight infections, chemicals, metals and other material that compromises the health of the brain, a person becomes more vulnerable to seizure attacks. The immune system of the human body is responsible for fighting agents of infection before the health-harming agents reach sensitive organs of the body such as the brain. Therefore, the immune system needs compounds such as zeolite to help it remain strong. The zeolite powder aids the immune system in perfuming its vital activities. For instance, it increases the activity of the T-cells which are responsible for killing harmful foreign agents. Apart from that, the powder detects harmful material before they attack the immune system. Consumption of the zeolite powder strengthens the immune system hence hindering harmful agents and chemical material from reaching the brain.  

The healthier the brain, the less the chances of an individual suffering from seizures and other symptoms associated with the brain health complication. Many harmful foreign compounds occur in several parts of the body. In fact, some are not outside compounds but material formed due to reactions in the body. Suppose we take no action to keep the levels of such compounds in check, the brain ends up suffering from too much stress which is an underlying factor of the epileptic complication. Most individuals that suffer from the brain illness have compromised immune systems. In fact, physicians confirm that the neuronal complication associated with several autoimmune diseases. A strong immune system is not vulnerable to autoimmune diseases or rather has mechanisms that tackle the diseases. The zeolite powder is a natural medicine that protects your body from autoimmune infections by strengthening the body-shielding system to fight hazardous agents. Suppose you have a weak immune system, the zeolite is your ultimate solution because the medicine protects your brain in more than one method.

Reduces Level of Acidity

Too much acid in the body is not good for the brain. The brain requires an environment that allows the reaction of brain chemical reactions. The neural activities work best under a specific pH level. Suppose there is too much acid in the body, traces of acid will get to the brain and interfere with the chemical reactions. High acidity is a factor that leads to epilepsy because the high acid content hinders the appropriate brain chemical reactions. Zeolite powder can fix the problem of high acid levels.  

The compound introduces an alkaline environment to the body hence balancing the overall pH. The alkaline state of zeolite compound comes from three minerals contained in the powder, that is, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Epileptic individuals need zeolite to maintain their acid levels because several foods that they consume and the medicines they use contain acidic compounds. You cannot control the amount of acid the gets in your body, but you can find a method to reduce the acid level. Zeolite powder is a perfect solution for the brain disorder because it keeps the acid levels in check hence protect the vital brain chemical reactions. Using the natural powder reduces brain complications suppresses epileptic symptoms.

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Epilepsy is a brain disorder that affects about 10% of the world population. It is unfortunate that until today, there is no approved cure for the disease. However, medical procedures and medication drugs suppress the symptoms and help patients manage the illness. The current medication for the brain illness show positive results, but they have side effects and some only work temporarily.

Some side effects linked to the medication drugs are adverse and require the use of other drugs. It reaches a point where an epileptic patient finds the overall medication too expensive to afford. Therefore, he or she may stop receiving the necessary medication and suffer from the symptoms for a long time. Other patients become worse after using medical drugs. Nevertheless, zeolite caters for all the problems associated with the mental complication.  

First, the powder is not expensive. You can find zeolite in a drugstore close to you, a chemist or hospital. Moreover, the multi-compound medicine has no side effects. One great fact about the zeolite powder is that you can use it to suppress epileptic symptoms in many ways. Instead of using different medication drugs which can cause irritating side effects, you can resort to the zeolite powder which is a multi-purpose medicine.

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FAQs about Zeolite Powder and Epilepsy and Seizure

Does zeolite powder heal Epilepsy?

No, there is no evidence that zeolite powder heals the brain disorder, but it reduces its symptoms and can even make them disappear for good.

How frequent should I use Zeolite to suppress the mental disorder symptoms?

You should use the zeolite powder for as long as you need to reduce seizure attacks and other symptoms.

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