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Zeolite for Constipation

Constipation is something that we all experience from time to time – and we all know all too well how much of a nuisance it is. Though it’s something we are all familiar with, everyone’s perceptions of what constipation is exactly, varies largely.

Clinically speaking, you can consider yourself constipated if:

  • ​You do not open your bowels at least three times a week
  • It is harder to release feces, or your stools are larger than usual
  • Your stools are dry, hard or lumpy
  • You have accompanying symptoms such as stomach ache, nausea and bloating 

The most common cause of constipation can be attributed to the typical Western diet, which is low in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. After the Western diet comes psychological causes such as stress, anxiety and depression. A third common cause is blockages of the colon and rectum. These can arise from pathological problems as serious as colon and rectal cancer.

Read on for a simple and straightforward solution to constipation!


The advice you will always hear when trying to get some help with constipation is to drink more fluids and eat more fiber. This is great advice, as following it definitely helps most people with moving their stools along, though there is also other lifestyle advice that would be a good idea to follow.

Firstly, exercise is a great way to move along the food in your digestive tract – moving around moves everything else along! If you want to get into a good number 2 routine, do not ignore your urges to leave your important meetings! Having good toilet hygiene goes further than just washing your hands with soap and warm water; always listen to your body and be intuitive about how much time you will need – giving yourself more time is always a better idea than trying to rush things along. Finally, managing your stress levels helps just about every aspect of health, and most certainly leads to a lower risk of constipation. 

There are also other ways to stop constipation rapidly. These are solutions you would either find over the counter at your local pharmacist, or prescribed by your doctor – the big L of constipation that helps you lose whatever is keeping you backed up. No, not Losers… Laxatives.

Types of ​Laxatives

​Bulk-forming Laxatives

These work by causing your digestive tract to retain more fluid, increasing the bulk of your stool so you are more likely to need to release it. Examples of bulk-forming laxatives are: Ispaghula Husk and Methylcellulose.

Side effects include rectal bleeding and severe stomach cramping. Allergic reactions can be experienced, though rare – these will be signified with symptoms like hives and difficulty breathing.

​Osmotic Laxatives

These work by softening stools – it is easier to pass them because the amount of water in your bowel is higher. Examples of osmotic laxatives are: Lactulaose and Polyethylene Glycol.

Side effects include Diarrhea, stomach pains, vomiting and an irregular heart beat.

​Stimulant Laxatives

These speed up your bowel movements by stimulating the nerves that control the muscles lining your digestive tract. This causes the muscles to contract at a higher rate, pushing your stools along. Examples of stimulant laxatives are: Bisacodyl, Senna Leaf and Sodium Picosulfate.

Side effects include a burning sensation, electrolyte and hydration depletion and faintness.

Stool Softener Laxatives

These increase the fluid content of hard and dry stools, making them easier to pass. ​Examples of ​stool softener laxatives are: Arachis (peanut/groundnut) oil and Docusate Sodium.

Side effects include large amounts of gas, throat irritation, rectal irritation, abdominal cramping and chest tightness.

Clearly, the side effects of common laxatives can outweigh the benefits of taking them. On the whole, it is best to avoid laxatives because of the bad experiences people have with them. Also, they are not recommended for children – which is a big disadvantage as children commonly experience constipation. They are not recommended for people with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis either – making it seem harder for those who suffer from these conditions to find help for constipation.

Constipation does not have to be a battle – either with having it or trying to find a solution for it, Zeolite Powder is the ultimate constipation cure. An ancient mineral held high for its numerous health benefits – zeolite is nature’s cure for seemingly all health issues, and constipation is no exception. 

Within its unique porous structure, zeolite acts in the body to trap all toxins. These include heavy metals such as arsenic and lead, as well as harmful microbes like viruses and bacteria. All this then effectively leaves the body when you safely pass the zeolite in your urine – you don’t even realize it! Therefore, zeolite offers the body a complete detox, and is great for constipation.

Studies have shown that having heavy metals in the blood is linked to physical and emotional stress. Logically, alleviating the heavy metal toxins can help in dealing with stress. Recall that stress is a common cause of constipation, so by taking zeolite you significantly reduce how much one of the three major causes discussed, can affect you. If stress is causing you to ignore impulses to empty your bowels, reducing your stress with the help of zeolite may help you in setting enough care-free time for yourself.

Also, it is thought that zeolite prevents cancer across the body by eliminating toxins in the body that act as carcinogens. Thus, by taking zeolite powder, you are reducing your risk of colon and rectal cancer, or even simply harmless outgrowths into the colon that can cause blockages and constipation. 

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If you are tired of hearing the same old advice for constipation and having constipation come right back, try zeolite powder out! It is always a good idea to make healthier choices regarding your diet and exercise level, and incorporating zeolite powder supplements into your life would be amazing for you!

Zeolite is available in powder, liquid and capsule form, though the best way is to take zeolite powder. This form is closest to its natural form and has the highest potency. Scientific literature shows that the recommended zeolite powder dosage is 2.5-5 grams a day, or half to a full teaspoon a day, though it is best to always follow the dosage on the label of your bottle. Lastly, zeolite is a very convenient supplement. The best time to take zeolite powder is anytime that suits you! 

Enjoy the freedom from constipation and try giving your body the rejuvenation and detoxification it deserves!

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FAQs about Zeolite Powder and Constipation

Are there any downsides to taking zeolite?

Zeolite and constipation are like fire and water together – which is fantastic, but do be aware that when taking zeolite, you must also drink an adequate amount of water with it. Otherwise zeolite can lead to increased constipation. An upside of this may be finding a cure to diarrhoea caused by common laxatives!

How safe is zeolite powder?

Research has shown that zeolite powder is completely safe for use in the body. However, never opt for cheaper options as these may contain impurities that can do more harm than good.

Does zeolite also remove any beneficial nutrients from the body, such as vitamins and minerals?

No! Zeolite is a wonder mineral – it simply detoxifies you.

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