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Treat Autism with Zeolite

Autism Spectrum Disorders is a combination of several health complications that revolve around difficulties in communication, repetitive language and complications in social behavior. Note that the impacts of autism tend to vary from one patient to the other according to either genetic or environmental facts. Even though most of the symptoms among different patients vary, the above three categories are the most distinct in all deep analysis of the health complexities. 


Other common symptoms include unpredictable mood changes and unreliable sleeping patterns. Autism is a psychological condition that could be less or more severe according to the support and treatment that the patient can access.

Social Challenges

Autism in children begins to display by the age of 10 months. It is the nature of babies that old to imitate the actions of their parents and siblings or anyone in their surrounding such as responding to names or babbling. When the baby begins losing interest in their parents or respond slowly when you call their name, this could be the first sign of autism. Early diagnosis can help place the child in a therapy path that will sharpen and elevate his communication and interaction skills. Even though the child or the parent may smile to symbolize warmth and friendliness, the patient might not be in a position to understand these cues of communication. 

Communication Difficulties

Most children respond to clear words and articulation by the age of three years. On the other end, autistic children will begin exhibiting complications in babbling and understanding gestures. A good example is how babies spread their arms and race to their parents or siblings or anyone they are familiar to because they have come to learn that hugging is friendliness and warmth. When autistic babies fail to display these gestures, it is because they do not perceive the relevance of the warmth and familiarity that comes with family. However, as time continues to go by, autistic adults now begin developing their own pattern of communication and this is what causes the final disparities.

Repetitive Behavior

The third distinct symptom is the repetitive behavior. Patients with this disorder begin engaging in a couple of recurring behaviors such as the use of the certain word, sounds, clapping hands and even jumping all over. The list could vary according to the physical capabilities of the patient. Even when playing with toys, the autistic children could keep doing the same thing over and over without realizing it. It is the same way autistic adults can develop attachments with certain household items or personal items and would be extremely agitated and imbalanced if that connection was lost. It applies that this repetitive behavior is a common feature in both adults and teens.

Genetic Disorders

There is a wide variety of genetic disorders that affect the natural brain growth and development of the child and a single mutation in any one of them could lead to a major disorder. Most patients suffering from ASD have a 20% higher rate of falling victims to these mutation accidents because of the presence of the fragile X syndrome and 15 duplication syndromes. The genetic makeup of each parent affects the individual make-up of their baby and it explains why autistic parents are bound to raise ASD children as well. Genetic proves there is a deep correlation with the genetics of the patient, environmental matters and the health complication itself.

Sensory Processing Problems

Research proves that may ASD patients suffer from responses to various stimuli including sound. If they cannot perceive correctly and on time, these patients keep exposing their lives to potential danger every second they are alone. The fact on file that they may process sound at a slower rate than the average person means that an impending disaster could be waiting and the only way is to evade it through sound. Response to various stimuli like touch, sight and sound is an important aspect of being human, not adult alone. In other cases, the responses to these stimuli on certain ASD patients is 100 times faster than the typical man.

Traditional Autism Treatment

There are several methods of treatments in the market today but, even those come with their own side effects. Here are further facts: 

1. Hyperactive Disorder

Children who suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can benefit from this treatment. It offers Ritalin and Concerta which combats the impacts of the ADHD in certain but, not all kids. The merit of this treatment is that it encourages the kids to think before they respond to any situation. The above components contain anti-hyperactive properties that will lower the implications of high functioning autism. Still, it has some negative effects while the patient is on it and here are some of them. 

Side effects:

  • Lack of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Anxiety
  • Recurrent physical activities
  • Mood swings and unpredictability

2. Anxiety Obsessional Disorders

It is the second treatment where the use of Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) to fight the effects of anxiety. Psychologists prove that one of the repetitive and obsessive symptoms that ASD kids display can have justice with these targeted medications. Even though the obsessive behavior is clear, scientists are still battling with how the repetitive bit fits in the whole equation. The advantage here is that it fights Tics. Here are some of SSRIs additional caution tips.

Side effects:

  • Frequent stomach pains
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Mood flips 

3. Tics

Anti-psychotic medications can fight the effects of tics. Hyperactivity is one of the worst but, still common symptoms that exposes the life of the patient and everyone in their vicinity to a lot of risk factors. The repetitive behavior could break the pattern and something tragic happens. The positive side here is that a lot of psychotic medications contain these properties. The bad news is that patients begin to gain weight fast and suffer from exhaustion even when they have been resting the whole day.

Side effects:

  • Massive weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Laziness
  • Drooling

4. Aggressive Behavior

ASD kids and adults tend to display violent signs occasionally even in their predictable behavioral patterns. Even though psychologists agree that the repetitions might not be repetitions all along, ASD kids prove that when you take away their favorite connection in the world, they are bound to demonstrate some level of agitation. It means while they can perceive basic feelings, there are certain situations that they might not be able to get it at all. The challenges of aggressive behavior are far too complex to pass for ignorance. Here are the side effects:

  • Fatigue due to laziness
  • Drooling
  • Gaining weight withing a short period of time
  • Drowsines 

Why Traditional Autistic Treatments Fail?

The first reason why most of these methods are rapidly diminishing from the market is lack of reliability. The second is the prevalence of a lot of side effects and the final one is the inability to foot all additional medical expenses to categories of less-fortunate people in society. Here are the details.


  • As it has come out in the previous bits of this study, one treatment could subdue one symptom and give rise to the other in full force. That is the worst case of unreliability because it would be like plus one minus one, literally. 

High Healthcare Cost

  • The expense of ensuring that the side effects of these associated symptoms do not affect the patient and his family could be too dear for them to afford. It is one of the major reasons these methods keep losing value in the market.

Prevalent Side Effects

  • There are a lot of side effects for every treatment. It goes down to meaning that there are there are those side effects like weight gain that could open exposure to other diseases like obesity and high blood pressure. 

Why Treating Autism with Zeolite is the Best Solution?

The zeolite may now be the last stand regarding treatment for autism. It seems to be the most effective natural medicine that tackles chemical imbalances in the body.

Detoxification by Extraction of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals in the body explain the chemical imbalances that cause autistic behavior. Zeolite is a negatively charged compound which attracts harmful material in the body such as zinc and mercury. Since the heavy metals contain positive charges, zeolite binds to them and extracts them from the body.

The evasion of the metals from the body does not instantly heal autistic individuals but continuous consumption of zeolite reduces autistic symptoms. Autism patients need to use zeolite powder daily for best results. The compound stays in the body for four to seven hours. It is convenient if an autism patient uses the natural medicine either once or twice a day.

Detoxification by Reduction of Acid Levels

High acid levels in the human body are the cause of many medical complications. Well, autism is not an exception. The level of pH in the body matter regarding the health of autistic individuals. Zeolite is an ultimate solution regarding autism treatment as it keeps the acid levels of the body in check. The compound does not get rid of all acid in the body but rather, it maintains a level that is conducive for the body metabolism. High acid content could lead to the deposition of acid substances in several parts of the body which could, in turn, worsen the condition of autism patients.

Physicians recommend that individuals with autism should maintain a very healthy life and that includes keeping away from objects, food, and consumable liquids that could raise their acid status beyond the required level. Fortunately, the zeolite is an alkalizing agent hence through frequent consumption, the autistic patient becomes better with time and soon, the recurrent symptoms may subside. 

Zeolite Increases Vitamin D Absorption

Physicians prescribe vitamin D supplements for people with autism. Also, the doctors’ advice patients are that they should consume food containing high levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is responsible for controlling 5% of the human genome when converted to a steroid hormone. Also, vitamin D regulates a gene that is vital for the development of the brain. People with autism associated with the deficiency of vitamin D.

Zeolite is an effective treatment for autism and for preventing the disorder because it increases the absorption of vitamins in the body including vitamin D. When an autism patient uses zeolite together with vitamin D supplements, the recurrent symptoms subside. One cannot heal from autism with immediate consumption of zeolite but it does get better when a patient uses the natural medicine on frequent occasions. Regarding people coming from families with a history of autism, consuming zeolite may help prevent the development of the disorder. Zeolite prevents the occurrence of the underlying factors of autism. 

Zeolite Reduces Thimerosal and Mercury Concentration in Vaccines

Children are more likely to develop autism as compared to adults. Evidence-based sources show that the numerous vaccines given to children at a young age are also responsible for the occurrence of autistic symptoms. Thimerosal and mercury are compounds associated with children’s vaccines and doctors reveal that the compounds affect the brain’s ability to control thinking. The vaccines are not a guarantee that a child will develop autism but there are high chances of the occurrence of the disorder especially when a child has risk factors to the disease.

Since some vaccines may be unavoidable, the only sure way to make sure that a child does not react to the mercury and the thimerosal compounds is by consuming zeolite which attracts the metals and evades them from the body. Studies show that the metal is not attractive enough to the zeolite compound because of their high molecular weight, therefore, the combination of zeolite together with other supplements enables high instances of attraction.

Some organic materials that people consume contain material that can cause autism hence the only way to avoid the harmful compounds is to consume medicine that evades the from the body. In the case of autism treatment and prevention, the zeolite is the way to go. Following the story of a young boy known as Lucas, an autism patient, taking zeolite can lead to permanent healing of autism. 

Zeolite Eliminates Free Radicals

Medical studies reveal that free radicals play a role in autistic behaviors. Free radicals are unstable atoms that result from the splitting of oxygen molecules. According to medical information, the free radicals cause autistic symptoms because they associate with oxidative stress which in turn damages the body cells including those of the brain.

Zeolite is a powerful treatment regarding autism because it eliminates the free radicals from the body. The medicinal powder absorbs the free occurring atoms hence reducing them to levels that are non-harmful. People that have autism need to take the powder on a daily basis to protect their brain cells. Continuous consumption of the powder will prevent the body from experiencing oxidative stress hence improve autism symptoms. 

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Managing autism is not an easy task. Most children that develop the disorder have to deal with it until they become adults or even for their entire lifetime. There are many ways of dealing with autism including medical therapies and consuming prescription drugs but most methods do not relieve autism symptoms instantly. Many autism patients struggle with medical appointments, therapies and different drugs to become better but it takes a long time to suppress the disturbing symptoms of the disorder. It is possible to fully recover from autism but the journey may not be as easy as it sounds.

For many years now, millions of individuals suffering from autism have not found the fastest medical treatment of the disorder. However, zeolite, the natural occurring powder may be the last standing solution to the problem. Other medication methods do work, but they have certain unwanted side effects that make autism patients develop more health complications. Medical evidence shows that some symptoms associated with autism become worse once patients begin taking certain types of medication. For instance, most patients suffer from severe depression, anxiety and sleep deprivation due to the chemical reactions posed by medication drugs. Also, the autism medications become too expensive over an extended period hence causing inconvenience for patients.

On the other hand, zeolite is a cheap natural medication for many diseases including autism. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get the medication. The fact that the powder does not contain processed chemicals does not mean it is less effective than drugs prescribed at hospitals. Actually, the powder is better than most medicines because it treats autism without causing any undesired effects. When using zeolite, all you have to add is a couple of supplements to boost its various mechanisms.

The compound treats all the underlying factors of autism, unlike prescription medicines where you have to ingest compounds containing different chemicals meant for tackling each problem separately. Zeolite treats or prevents the autism disorder by eliminating toxins in form of acids, heavy metals and free radicals hence improving the chemical balance of the body. Apart from that, the natural compound assists in the absorption of vitamins which are vital for treating and preventing the mental illness. Suppose you or your loved one is struggling with autism, the zeolite is the new ultimate solution to the disease.

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FAQs about Zeolite Powder and Autism

Why do other autism medications cause complications?

The combination of different medicinal drugs can lead to side effects which may complicate patients’ health.

Does Zeolite treat autism immediately after ingestion?

Zeolite does not instantly cure autism but it works after frequent use over a period of time.

Is Zeolite an expensive method of treating autism?

No, Zeolite is the cheapest method of treating and preventing the autism disorder. We recommend the use of SomaVital Zeolite Powder which has been proven to be purest on the market.

What side effects result from using Zeolite to treat Autism?

There is no known side effect associated with using the medicinal zeolite.

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