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Zeolite for Arthritis

If you have Arthritis, you know that it can be a disabling condition. According to Illinois Department of Health, the term makes reference to 120 different diseases that impact the joints, muscles and other soft tissues. The pain of constantly having it flair up can leave one immobilized due to swelling.

There are not very many treatments on the market. Many physicians prescribe heavy pain killers. These drugs are addictive and have terrible side effects.


One woman reported her liver beginning to shut down after using these medications. She had to stop, however, she still struggles with chronic pain. Her doctor continues to prescribe these medications despite the condition of her liver because the pain is too great to ignore.

Many individuals with Arthritis face this same dilemma in the medical community. They should not have to sacrifice their health to treat Arthritis.

There are better answers for Arthritis. If you are feeling hopeless at the moment, then garner up your courage to continue the fight. Medical advances have come a long way. There is now a treatment on the market that can alleviate your symptoms without the harsh side effects.

Recommended Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry today is rife with marketing. Pharma has become a big business and while they care about people's health, a person still has to be on guard. There are some politics that get intertwined with even as prestigious a field as medicine.

For example, Vioxx was purported as a treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis by Merck. They just took a plea agreement with the federal court where they have to pay a $321 million fine. This is because the company began promoting the drug before it was even approved for use. There is even question now as to whether Merck doctored ghostwritten studies in the medical journals to make Vioxx appear like a safe option. They did this before they had any scientific evidence themselves.

There are other treatments for Arthritis which the Arthritis Foundation tries to say are safer than the side effect profile. It is important to still size up the risks since the studies are what people rely on to understand whether a medication is worth taking a chance on. On the website, they admit that Methotrexate has a 3% risk of serious infection from taking the drug. That is 3 out of 100 people. When faced with taking a drug like that, many people would want to look at alternatives first

That is not the only drug with adverse potential consequences. Methotrexate can cause liver damage and long-term corticosteroid users are at major risk for Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is irreversible and can cause the bones to snap. When this happens, people will need to be fitted for new bones. These surgeries are painful and expensive. Also, the liver damage that happens from drugs is not always reversible. Sometimes people reach the point of no return. At this point, they are a ticking time bomb simply waiting for their liver to fail.

How Zeolite Combats Arthritis

Zeolite Powder is the ultimate solution to the epidemic of sufferers who take pharmaceutical treatments and have to stop because of other residual effects of the drugs. Some of these problems are not even reversible, so people might find themselves in dire need of an alternative. And let's face it, if you could try a solution that didn't have negative consequences like those listed above, then would you?

Zeolite is a natural solution that actually works. It is similar to the drug of Lithium in that it is found in whole form in the environment as a volcanic compound. Zeolite actually nourishes your body as it contains Calcium, Potassium, some Sodium and other nutrients. Your bones and internal organs will get stronger as a result of taking Zeolite, and not weaker.

Balancing the body's pH is so important for conditions like Arthritis. As OM Times suggests in their article "Arthritis Awareness Month: Balancing the Body's pH Levels is Key", when the body is too acidic, infection and joint pain results. Zeolite for Arthritis is naturally equipped to raise the alkalinity in the body.

Zeolite for arthritis is a powerful substance that detoxifies the entire body. It is great for the Liver and as a Liver supporter. A person can try this substance if they have had liver problems due to other pharma drugs they have tried. However, if a person suffers from multiple conditions, then they need to take caution. Zeolite will pull Lithium and Chemotherapy agents out of the body. So people with multiple conditions need to exercise caution with the use of Zeolite and are advised to first speck with their personal care physician before taking Zeolite.

SomaVital Zeolite Powder
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The path to a healthier body is clear. People using Zeolite for Arthritis should take 1 tablespoon of SomaVital in 8 ounces of water three times a day. This is the optimal dose to help to begin to treat Arthritis. Those in the family that want to prevent this condition can also take Zeolite, however, they only need to take it once a day.

So if you are tired of solutions that are worse than the symptoms, give Zeolite a try. You will be returning health to your body instead of exposing it to risk. Those risks can be life threatening. You deserve more from life. Arthritis pain is manageable, and it does not require you to sacrifice your liver or bones to obtain it. Your body needs an answer to heal itself, and not simply to rob it of life.

There is so much misinformation out there when it comes to health. Unfortunately, all medicine still has an element of business because the pharma companies want to continue to make money off of their products.

With Zeolite, we ask that you give nature a try. This new discovery could save your life and free you from pain.

SomaVital Zeolite Powder
The Best Zeolite Powder Available.
ZeolitePowderDextox.com Recommended!

FAQs about Zeolite for Arthritis

How expensive is Zeolite?

Zeolite is less expensive than many medical treatments because you can get it without a visit to the doctor.

When can I expect to first see results?

Zeolite will take a couple of weeks to work, as it intensively detoxifies your system.

Is Zeolite certified organic?

SomaVital’s micronized Zeolite is works at the cellular level is organically sourced.

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