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Zeolite for Cancer Patients

Cancer is described as a malignant growth of abnormal cells in the body whose behavior can be caused by a variety of factors originating from both inside and outside the body. Such factors can include exposure to environment vagaries such as UV rays, carcinogenic chemicals and bodily factors such as mutation, immune conditions etc.

Cancer competes with Malaria and HIV/AIDS for the number one spot on the list of world's most renown and devastating killer diseases. But why is cancer among the worst killer diseases despite the presence of a wide range of treatment solutions? 


The main reason behind this problem is the fact that most of the available treatment solutions have devastating side effects to the patient that individuals would prefer staying at home rather than seeking treatment.

Preexisting anticancer solutions and their Flaws

Cancer has quite a wide range of treatment options including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy but it remains dreaded regardless. Plenty of other treatment options are still under research and testing and are yet to be flagged as viable. One such option is gene therapy. The main setback in the progress of developing highly effective cancer therapy is the grave side effects that often come with most of the existing drugs.

But why are most anticancer therapies including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy have side effects? The problem lies in the manner they are administered and mode of action.

Chemotherapy, for instance, uses antibodies, vaccines and some forms of bacteria to kill the cancerous cells. These agents have their own effects on body cells and tissues on their own right an often elicit unwanted side effects. The side effects can be worse off if a radioactive substance is used. Radiation therapy, on the other hand, exposes tissues to further unwanted gamma rays and X-rays which can lead to vomiting, swelling, nausea, headache, and diarrhea. During surgery, a cancer patient may lose an essential organ to eliminate cancer and remain alive. Some types of cancer are known to reoccur after a therapy no matter how sustained the radiation therapy, surgery or chemotherapy is carried out. 

Zeolite Powder for cancer treatment

Why Zeolite Powder is a better anticancer alternative

1. Zeolite powder has the advantage of fighting cancer and many other ailments that may be present in the body at the same time.

Taking Zeolite powder cancer fighter supplements can also help in reducing the chances of developing Anaemia, Chronic Lung Disease, and Respiratory Diseases – very much like killing many birds with one Zeolite Powder stone.

Another reason why Zeolite Powder are better off than other anticancer medications is that it is gentle to the patient and doesn’t bring along erratic side effects that may lead the patient into questioning why he/she took it in the first place. One of few side effects of Zeolite Powder is increasing the level of antioxidants in the body which can be highly beneficial in some aspects.

2. Zeolite Powder mechanism of fighting cancer is natural-like and mild to the patient compared to other solutions.

Zeolite's mode of action against cancerous cells is distinct from most of the other anticancer supplements. One of the salient properties that make it useful in inhibiting cancer cells is its ability to absorb huge quantities of harmful positively charged toxins, thus reducing their capacity to elicit cancerous tendencies.

In the whole process, Zeolite acquires a mild positive charge. Natural Zeolite Powder comes out as negatively charged volcanicity made mineral that can naturally attract any positively charged bodily elements, more so toxins, and entraps them in its signature cage-like structure. Since natural Zeolite Powder has an exceptionally high affinity to heavy metals, it tends to come out of the ground with plenty of heavy metals bound to it. The charged Zeolite Powder ions are then actively attracted to and absorbed right into the membrane of cancerous cells which are negatively charged.

When the Zeolite ions move inside the cancerous cell, that specific cell's P21 gene is promptly activated. This gene functions as a tumor inhibitor through its capability to control the progression of the cell-cycle. The activation of the P21 gene halts the development of tumors by both directly and indirectly suppressing growth signals. In the in-vitro studies, all cancerous cells tested trend to be destroyed within 72 hours. There are no grave side effects because Zeolite specifically targets cancerous cells and it isn’t attracted to the normal healthy cells. 

According to the information from the patent, once cellular Zeolite Powder is pulled inside a cell, the tri-metallic part of the cellular Zeolite molecule destroys the nucleus and the cytoplasmic organelles. Some cases involve the cancerous cells being destroyed through the cytoplasm’s outward burst due to the increase in osmotic pressure. Other cases involve cells being totally destroyed by membrane and cell wall collapse after the destruction of the nucleus. Most often, once the nucleus and the cytoplasm are destroyed, all the cellular contents get dissipated into surrounding environment. However, the membranes of the now dead cancerous cells remain intact with no cellular structures.

3. Natural Zeolite Powder kills tumors without harming the body. This reduces Zeolite Cancer side effects.

The major benefit that comes with the use of Zeolite Powder against cancer is that compared to other anticancer agents, Zeolite powder leaves your body cells intact and unharmed. 

In fact, the overall performance of Zeolite Powder supplement and its minimal side effects have made it be so impressive that anyone fighting cancers or who wish to prevent it should opt to use Zeolite supplements.

4. Zeolite Powder is as diverse as a chameleon, offering more than one anticancer solutions.

Anticancer Zeolite Powder comes in quite many forms. It can be a liquid, capsule and powder. All the types of Zeolite supplements work on an array of basic issues often associated with cancer. However, the most potent form is micronized zeolite powder. 

Besides, they are capable of working as powerful detoxifiers improving the alkalinity state of your body. But they are listed as cancer killers because of their rather unique ability to activate your P21 gene which instructs a cancerous cell to die. They can as well literally kill off the nucleus of a cancer-causing cell instead of mediating the long P21 gene process.

In making the cellular zeolite powder, the natural zeolite is heated, mixed and cooled in a four or five-day process of purifying it and removing heavy metals and other toxic elements. To boost its Cation Exchange Capability (CEC), traces of Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium are sometimes added.

In addition, cellular Zeolite Powder cleaning and heating process makes it have a small molecular size just enough to enables it to travel better throughout the body. Studies have shown that when a cancer patient takes a measured quantity of processed Cellular Zeolite Powder, just 40 percent (40%) of it shows up in his/her stool, meaning the supplement works in the patient’s intestinal tract while 60 percent (60%) is found can be found urine, meaning it reaches the bloodstream in right quantity and works on the cancerous cells throughout the body.

The oncology research indicates that cellular zeolite powder fights cancer by adhering on the cells’ receptor sites, the membrane proteins of the cell wall and the cell’s surface chemistry only but it doesn’t affect ordinary, healthy cells.

Zeolite Powder and Cancer Studies

Natural Zeolite Powder Y and Zeolite Powder X and their impact on cancerous cell lines.

So, is Zeolite powder good for cancer treatment? You can only find out by doing research. Apparently, Zeolite serves to block the movement of cancerous cells in the body thus preventing the development of tumors and spread of the tumor cells in other regions. Studies are yet to prove synthetic Zeolite (Zeolite can be made in the lab in environments that mimic the natural climate of formation) have the same anti-cancer properties as natural Zeolite powder. Most of the studies have involved two prominent types of natural Zeolite powder: Zeolite X powder and Zeolite Y powder. As it is usual with anti-cancer studies, the experiments are done in vitro (lab environment that mimic human body conditions).

Zeolite and Cancer study situation

A typical study to investigate the interaction between Zeolite Powder and cancer cell lines involve the use of cancerous Pancreas Cells, Cervical Cancer Cells and those extracted from American Cell bank.

They are being grown in medium containing Zeolite Powder Y and Zeolite Powder X at concentrations of 50mg/ml and 5mg/ml respectively. An accompanying shot of cow serum concentration is added in varying concentrations of the Zeolite preparation. The capability of Zeolite to slow down the growth of the cancerous cell lines is measured after 72 hours in an assay analyzer.

Results often show that the medium involving highest concentration of Zeolite Powder X with low concentration of cow serum registers the highest inhibition in growth of cancerous cells and a significant drop in overall cell viability. This study opens the avenue to exploring Zeolite  as an anti-cancer agent and its use in tumor therapy.

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In conclusion, it is important to point out that the use of Zeolite Powder for cancer cure is a major milestone in the global war on cancer where other solutions have failed.​

Just as discussed above, a zeolite powder cancer therapy is friendly is mild and friendlier to the patient. As a result, the more patients will show up for cancer screening. The ease of administering it is through use of supplements which are convenient compared to chemotherapy. Zeolite powder cancer fighter is indeed a game changer in the global fight against cancer.

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FAQs about Zeolite Powder and Cancer

In what forms can one take Zeolite?

You can find Zeolite in the 3 forms: liquid, capsule and powder. We highly recommend taking zeolite in the powder form as it yields the highest potency.

Does Zeolite Powder work for Cancer of the Liver?

Yes, it does. In fact, Zeolite Powder supplements cover most types of cancer you know.

Is Zeolite Powder safe for Cancer Patients?

When compared to other anticancer solutions, Zeolite Powder benefits for cancer treatment are more than those of any other cancer treatment option. It is considered to be a better alternative to the solutions on the market today. However, you MUST check with your Primary Care Physician (PCP), to learn if this is the right option for you, especially if you are on any medications.

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