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Treat Infertility with Zeolite

At the mention of infertility, the first thing that crosses your mind is the inability to conceive after the first 12 months of trying. Pregnancy can be a hectic assignment more so if none of the couples knows their fertility status. In the real world, infertility is far more implicating than it may seem on paper. The objective of this article is to bring to light all the causes of infertility and align them with the current potential marketed methods of treatments.

Additionally, the role that Zeolite Powder plays in ensuring that this condition does not bother you and your next generation.  


Causes of Infertility


It is one of the most common but often overlooked causes of infertility. Note that this condition occurs when the cells that are supposed to be lining the uterus go a long way out of their zone to the outside walls of the uterine cavity. The danger with this is that during intercourse, the woman may begin to feel unexpected pain and inflammation which causes discomfort during sex. It has other implications for the health of the sperms and embryos. 

Mail Factor Infertility

Research proves that close to 50% of male adults have a maximum of 20% abnormality in their sperm production. The first issue occurs but, the doctors recommend that is vital to repeat the same procedure to determine the full status down there. Some cases are minor and could be solved using simple medication but, when the issue is severe, a urologist comes in to avoid any further detrimental health issues. In most cases, surgery works best for this type of treatment because it can target the specific area that is affected and get it removed within no time.

Maternal Age

The challenge with advancing age in both men and women is that certain systems in the body begin to fail or slow in their provision of services. Before the age of revolution, women were comfortable giving birth at the age of twenty and around their teen years.

However, with the coming of the 21st century, the order of society keeps changing and now women want to give birth at thirty and forty. The problem with this is that it limits their chances of getting many children because menopause is fast approaching as soon as they hit forty. 

Tubal Occlusion

There is an underlying implication that comes with suffering from several Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) like Gonorrhea. Constant suffering or lack of ideal treatment could result in blockage of the Fallopian tube.

When this tube blocks, it goes down to meaning that the fertilized eggs of the woman cannot access the embryo in the normal way. Even though it might not be evident at that exact moment, STDs are critical not only to the health of the men but also that of the women regarding fertility. Failing to get a woman pregnant is not a great feeling for men, and this blockage could be the cause. 

Ovulation Complications

Women understand the role the normal and predictable ovulation cycles have in the ability of them to get pregnant. When these cycles begin exhibiting different patterns and unpredictability by the end of every month, it could be the right time to visit your doctor.

Complications like the Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) are some of the common health issues in this category. Early detection of these complexities could go a long way in ensuring that you secure your future generations through pregnancy. The irregularity of the cycles is no typical condition; it is safe to seek advice from a professional healthcare giver. 

Uterine Fibroids

It is essential to understand that more than 40% of the women have uterine fibroids. However, being in the genetic company of all the three major types of uterine fibroids does not necessarily mean that the woman has infertility.

Submucosal fibroid is the one that causes a high risk of infertility in over 50% of women who have them. The good news is that it is easy to remove them and once they are out, the woman can catch a pregnancy without penetration. It increases these chances by more than 100%. 

Traditional Infertility treatments and their Side Effects


The first and most sought-after type of treatment is surgery. Here, a team of healthcare experts works together in gene targeting to ensure that the specific organ or cell that is causing infertility has been removed within the slightest time possible. The advantage with surgery is that it eliminates the threat of re-occurrence forever.

Side effects:

  • Medically expensive
  • Surgery is limited to developed nations
  • Possible surgical errors due to unavoidable circumstances
  • The unwillingness of the patients to engage in surgery 


Intrauterine Insemination is a medical procedure that introduces a fertile sperm into the woman’s reproductive system by bypassing the blockage in the endometrium cavity. The merit with this type of treatment is that it seeks to clean the sperm, destine it to fertilize the embryo that is currently out of reach. Insemination works in both animals and human, giving the impression that it is a practice that has been with a man since the beginning of time. 

Side effects:

  • There are no dire side effects known with this treatment. However, while bypassing the uterine cavity can impregnate the woman, it does not solve other root cause of the infertility problem. 
  • The uncertainty of the sperm to fertilize the embryo after they get in contact.

In Vitro Fertilization

On the positive side, if the internal fertilization fails to come through, there is the possibility of fertilization out of the body. Here, eggs are collected then fused together in an artificial laboratory. The merit of this kind of medication is that it offers no form of immediate of eventual danger to both the man and the woman. The use of IVF has been growing fast, and today it is one of the most recommended options. 

Side effects:

  • The potential of contamination during removal, storage and fertilization of the egg in a external environment.

Why these marketed treatments do not work compared to Zeolite Powder?

Today, many methods of curbing infertility keep hitting the internet by the passage of each second. The sad news is that most of them do not post the results that the promise before the treatment. The patient thinks that infertility has become too much of a big deal to the extent of avoiding any form of medications. It is for this reason that drugs like natural Zeolite Powder come in to save the day. Here are some of the reasons people prefer to adopt than to go through the treatments of infertility.

Possibilities of unforeseen Circumstances

The issue with infertility is that it is bound to be different according to the genetic make-up of both the man and the woman involved. Unforeseen circumstances that medical conditions might not have been able to predict in the first place could result in far more health effects including the loss of life of a loved one (partner). What is the need for ending one life to bring another?

The introduction of Zeolite Powder

When this powder finally hit the market, the word was - as it was promised. As opposed to the other methods of treatments, the use of this powder is easy and natural. In the real world, patients prefer to use natural sources of treatment as opposed to bio-medications.

Presence of Side Effects

The problem with a medical solution that comes with several side effects to the patient, this proves to bring another ray of darkness and suffering to the individual that they are more than willing to avoid. The best news of the year is the use of Zeolite Powder which offers no form of side effects. 

Why Zeolite is the perfect solution for preventing Infertility?

Boosts the Immune System which is vital for Reproduction

The state of the immune system is significant regarding fertility because the body needs to maintain the biological processes that lead to reproduction. Women’s immune systems need to be in a healthy state so that a fetus can survive in the body till birth. As for men, they need a strong and healthy immune system for the production of sperms. Therefore, the condition of the immune system for both men and women are determinants of fertility. Zeolite is an incredible solution for preventing and treating infertility because it boosts the immune system.

A weak immune system can lead to infertility because infections and foreign material can inhibit the vital biological processes of the body. For instance, suppose an expectant woman suffers from certain autoimmune diseases, the harmful material can penetrate the placenta and cause harm to the growing fetus. The outcome may be a miscarriage or other complications related to birth and fertility. On the other hand, men need a strong immune system so that the biological activities related to sperm production can continue as expected. Zeolite powder is an effective medicine for treating and preventing infertility in both men and women because it eliminates all the threats that can compromise the state of the human immune system. 

Eliminates Free Radicals that cause Infertility-Related Complications

Medical research confirms that free radicals in the body cause adhesion and endometriosis which are fertility related complications. Free radicals occur due to natural activities in the body, but that does not mean that they cause no harm. They are highly reactive particles and their interaction which other molecules in the body produce compounds that harm body cells and tissues. Peritoneal adhesion and endometriosis are complications caused by increased Oxidative stress and are common in women.

Every human being contains free radicals in the body due to normal biological processes, but the body metabolic processes eliminate the free uncharged particles. However, certain circumstances may lead to the excess occurrence of the free radicals hence high chances of endometriosis and adhesion then infertility. Zeolite may be the best medicine for treating and preventing female infertility because apart from boosting the immune system, it absorbs the free radicals in the body and eliminates them hence hindering the development of the two disorders associated with compromised fertility. Once consuming zeolite becomes part of your routine, your chances of conceiving will improve. Endometriosis and adhesion disorders tend to recur even after several medical procedures, but frequent consumption of zeolite prevents such occurrences. 

Flush out Toxins associated with Infertility

The presence of toxins in the body can cause infertility in both men and women. Unfortunately, one can never know when toxins are entering the body. Toxins are part of human life because they are present in most substances that people touch, consume, and use. A toxin may be a very tiny foreign material or compound, but it can cause lethal outcomes to a person’s health. Many toxins decrease fertility hence the best way to get rid of them is using medicine that flushes out all the toxins in the body, in this case, multi-purpose zeolite powder does justice.

The common toxins that decrease fertility include:

  • Bisphenol-A used for making food and drink plastic containers
  • Parabens used to preserve cosmetics and pharmaceutical products
  • Dioxins which are combinations of many chemicals released into the air from industries, and
  • Phthalates found in detergents, plastic bags, toys and other home products.
All the mentioned toxins cause harmful effects such as lowering estrogen production, hindering hormonal reproduction, reducing sperm production and interfering with other reproduction activities. Suppose you use zeolite, this naturally-occurring medicine flushes out all the toxins including the ones associated with infertility.

Provides an appropriate pH for Fertility

Reproduction requires specific pH levels. Sperm production does best at an alkaline environment, that is, high pH. Lower pH levels compromise sperm production because of too much acidity. Zeolite is a compound that when consumed, provides an alkaline environment to the body. Suppose you and your partner are planning to have a baby, consider taking zeolite on frequent occasions so that your body can provide the best environment for sperm production. High acidity in the body leads to the death of sperms or production of ineffective sperms.

On the other hand, a woman’s vaginal area requires a favorable environment to allow the entry of sperms to fertilize the ovum. Normally, the vaginal area’s pH is 3.8 to 4.5. That is a compromising pH for sperms. During copulation, the Luteinizing hormone keeps the vaginal pH range between 7.0 and 14.0 to allowing the entry of sperms. Suppose you are planning to be expectant, consuming zeolite is an incredible idea because it will provide an alkaline environment to your vaginal area which is perfect for successful reproduction. High body acidity is a common cause of infertility, but zeolite can prevent the problem because it is of alkaline nature due to the presence of calcium and other alkaline elements. 

Eliminates Heavy Metals that interfere with the Reproduction Process

Heavy metals such as zinc, magnesium, aluminium and others are resourceful, but when they find their way into the human body, they become dangerous. It is common to find traces of heavy metals such as mercury to the products we touch, use and consume. It is not surprising that heavy metals cause infertility. The metals contain hinder reproduction processes by blocking or reacting with reproduction molecules.

However, you can flush out the heavy metals in your body by consuming zeolite. Heavy metals are dangerous material because once they enter vital organs such as the ovary and the testis, many reproduction processes become compromised. For instance, the metals block or displace the minerals and nutrients that are vital for the production of sperms and eggs. You do not need to think twice when it comes to zeolite as an eliminating agent. The compound exists in a crystalline dimension that allows it to trap the heavy metals and escorts them out of the body in the form of waste.

Suppose heavy metals are the cause of your suppressed fertility, zeolite is the ultimate medicine for you. It is possible that everyone has traces of heavy metals in their body, this is why it is important to not just for fertility but for general health to have zeolite powder within hand reach at home. 

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There are many causes of infertility, hence it is hectic to determine which particular factor leads to your situation. Infertility may not be a permanent problem. Medication producers and drugs can get rid of the depressing situation. However, you may have to persevere with the side effects caused by different drugs and medical procedures. Though medical professionals can stop infertility in different ways, the problem can still recur

There are many causes of infertility, so the treatment procedures and drugs are different too. However, zeolite powder has the power to suppress all the underlying factors of infertility. Once you begin using zeolite to prevent or reduce infertility, you do not have to purchase several different drugs that cause irritating and adverse side effects. The powder works for both men and women. Suppose you and your partner plan to have a baby; you could both come up with a routine of taking zeolite powder so that you can have high chances of being reproductive. The powder is a multi-purpose compound that solves all your infertility related problems at once. 

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FAQs about Zeolite Power and Infertility

Does zeolite interfere with the well-being of a developing fetus?

No, zeolite keeps a mother’s health in check so that harmful agents or infections do not cross the placenta and reach the fetus.

Why should we prefer zeolite instead of other fertility medications?

Unlike other medications that solve one problem at a time, zeolite suppresses all the underlying factors associated with infertility at a go.

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