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The Benefits of a Zeolite Powder Detox During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus is turning out to be a lot worse than people thought it would be. With it comes not only health issues, but a lot of sleepless nights and stress. Unfortunately, those with weakened immune systems are feeling that stress doubly.

If there was ever a time to boost your immune system, it’s now. There are a few ways to do this, but a zeolite detox might be the most effective. Keep reading to find out why.

What Is Zeolite Powder?

A zeolite is a crystalline structure made of oxygen, silicon, and aluminum. When volcanic ash and an alkaline lake collide, zeolites are created.

There are around 50 different zeolites out there, all with different chemical properties.

How Can a Zeolite Detox Help During the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is usually non-lethal to young people and those with strong immune systems. For them, it’s no more deadly than the common flu. For everyone else, however, the coronavirus poses a significant threat

The weaker your immune system, the more at risk you are of succumbing to the coronavirus.

Zeolites are an effective immune system booster. Studies show that taking zeolites increases the number of t-cells in a person’s body. T-cells help the body fight against infection and disease.

Zeolites were also shown to increase macrophages in the body. These are an equally important part of the immune system. They “eat” viruses and bacteria as they enter the body.

Zeolites are filled with positive ions that replace the heavy metals in your body.  Heavy metals are ingested in a variety of ways, from drinking water to simply breathing air. We’ve all got a certain percentage of heavy metals in us.

Heavy metals can cause a host of issues in the body, from brain fog to a weakened immune system. A zeolite detox will encourage these heavy metals out of your body. In turn, you’ll be given a host of positive ions like sodium and calcium.

Not only will these improve your immune system, but your organ function as well. Taking zeolites regularly will keep your immune system in constant tip-top shape.

Balance Your pH Level With Zeolite

A balanced pH level is an important factor in a strong immune system.

Ph imbalances are linked to organ and tissue damage, and increased pathogen growth. Pathogen, if you’re not aware, is just another word for bacteria and viruses. 

The perfect pH level for a human is between 7.3 and 7.4. Harmful toxins and pathogens create acids, which create pH imbalances. Zeolites introduce protons to the body, which fight against harmful acids.

Regular zeolite detoxing will keep your pH level at a constant 7.3 to 7.4.

Can Zeolite Cure Coronavirus?

It should be explicitly stated that a zeolite detox is not a cure for coronavirus. It also doesn’t guarantee safety from the coronavirus. You may still end up getting coronavirus after a zeolite detox.

But performing a zeolite detox will help your immune system fight coronavirus if you do catch it.

Those with strong immune systems do the best in the fight against the coronavirus. Some manage to fight the coronavirus off with minimal drugs. They just need a lot of rest and relaxation to allow their systems to heal.

How Can I Buy Zeolite Powder During the Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of stores and services to shut down.

The majority of countries have implemented social distancing protocols. People are only allowed to leave their homes for essential groceries. Even then, everyone needs to stay six feet apart in public.

Thankfully, you can buy zeolite powder from the web. It’s available from Amazon and a host of other trusted websites.

Amazon has positioned itself as an essential service. That means they want to stay open as long as possible during the pandemic.

You shouldn’t leave your house for zeolite powder during the pandemic. If you’re going to buy it, buy it from the web. It’s much safer for everyone.

How Do I Perform a Zeolite Detox?

You can perform a zeolite detox in a variety of ways.

If you’ve purchased zeolite powder, simply mix it into a drink. Something thick like a smoothie works best. You can also mix it into your food, but this might affect the taste as it won’t blend as well.

It’s recommended that you take between 2.5 and 5 grams of zeolite powder per day for detoxifying effects.

You might want to consult a doctor before using zeolites if you’re on medication. The potential side effects of zeolite powder may clash with certain medications.

You can also get zeolite in pre-mixed zeolite drinks. Some zeolite users think these are less effective than home-mixed zeolite powder, though. The effects are reportedly delayed, and the drinks tend to skimp on the amount of powder.

Zeolite powder lets you choose your own dosage. If you’re not feeling any differences, you can increase your dosage the next time around. You can try the zeolite drinks, but it’s important to keep this in mind.

You can also turn zeolite powder into a detoxifying face mask! 

Just use one part zeolite powder, and two parts water. Your zeolite powder will turn to a paste. Work the paste onto your face, leave it on for an hour, then wash it off.

The zeolite paste will give you smooth skin, as well as pore reduction. This may not be as effective in boosting your whole immune system as ingesting the powder. But it’s still a fun and effective way of taking zeolite.

Fight Coronavirus With Zeolite Powder

A zeolite detox may not make you coronavirus proof, but it’ll help you fight it. If you have a weak immune system, or simply want to add that extra layer of shielding, try a zeolite detox. Coronavirus or not, everyone stands to benefit from a stronger immune system.

To learn more about zeolites, check out the rest of our blog. Contact us with any comments or questions. We’d be happy to help.

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