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Surviving The Coronavirus With SomaVital Organic Zeolite

The coronavirus pandemic is still raging across the globe. If you are looking for an alternative way to stay healthy against the virus and boost your immune system, you should consider organic zeolite powder.

Read on to find out how zeolite powder can protect you against the coronavirus.

What is a Zeolite?

If you have never heard of zeolite before, you are not alone. Zeolite is on the rise as more and more health-focused people are adding zeolite supplements to their health regimen.

A zeolite is a naturally occurring absorbent material. This means that zeolites are particularly good at cleansing the body. Our customers like to use our organic zeolite supplements for heavy metal detox, or to detox from environmental toxins or even drugs. 

Zeolites have a porous makeup and there are several different naturally occurring zeolite compounds in the world. The most common source comes from volcanic activity. Zeolites are formed when volcanic rock and ash mix with alkaline groundwater.

Zeolite Benefits to Improve Your Health

The benefits of zeolite make a long list. Our zeolites contain positively charged ions that contain calcium, phosphorous, and sodium. Our bodies use these minerals for imperative functions and supplementing with zeolite increases the levels of these minerals. These minerals also greatly improve bone density and health.

Zeolite has been acclaimed for helping prevent cancer or help those who are currently in cancer treatment. People suffering from parasites can also benefit from zeolites as they can carry parasites out of the body.

Zeolite can also improve mental functions creating an overall feeling of clarity and peace. 

Zeolite Powder Improves the Immune System

Another benefit of zeolite powder is that it has the power to strengthen the immune system. Zeolite has the ability to bind to toxins and free radicals in the body, which gives our cells a boost. This allows them to operate more efficiently and repair themselves when damaged.

Other zeolite benefits include alkalizing the body; zeolite powder is naturally alkaline and will keep your internal system from becoming an acidic environment. This will help keep inflammation down and remove unwanted bacteria from the body as well. An alkaline body will keep dangerous growths and build-up at bay.

Zeolite For Full Body Detox

Since the zeolite has a naturally absorbent nature, it is well-adapted to remove unwanted toxins from our bodies. Due to our lifestyles, metals and toxins like lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium can accumulate in our systems. It’s important to periodically “detox” our bodies from this harmful build-up.

Zeolites are unique in the way they move through our bodies. The mineral never actually gets digested or broken down by our system. So once the zeolite collects the toxins in its structure, it takes them out of the body completely. 

Zeolites are also great at removing fungus from the body. People who use zeolite have also improved their digestion issues. It also helps by increasing our mineral balance in the body.

Zeolite Powder is Antiviral

Zeolite has been proven to be antiviral. It achieves this by attracting the parts that make up a virus into its cage-like structure. This prevents the virus from building itself up to its fully functional form, thus prohibiting the virus from thriving and reproducing. 

Studies have also been conducted on zeolite’s ability to prevent the Herpes virus. There have been reports that it protects against adenovirus and enterovirus. 

There is also anecdotal evidence that suggests zeolite has alleviated the common flu, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C and chronic diarrhea.

Zeolite Powder to Fight Coronavirus 

Coronavirus is indeed a virus that can be combated with zeolite. The way zeolite works is by inhibiting viruses from creating the parts they need to function, so theoretically zeolite could be used on any sort of virus.

A study conducted revealed that zeolite had the ability to reduce the presence of coronavirus. 

Zeolite’s antiviral properties seem to be most efficient when taken for several weeks. This ensures the body is clear of other toxins which can make the zeolite powder specifically attack viruses in the body.

How to Take Zeolite Supplements

Adding zeolite to your supplement schedule is quite easy. Our zeolite is in powder form for the best absorption and distribution across the body. You may see liquid zeolite supplements on the market, but they are just powder suspended in liquid.

To start a zeolite detox, you can begin by adding 1 teaspoon to an 8 oz. glass of water daily. It’s recommended to should start the first 3 days of any detox in this manner. Then with consultation from your practitioner, you can take this dose up to 3 times a day. Some people may need more to help rid their bodies of toxins, viruses, or parasites. Read more about dosage here.

It’s very important to drink plenty of water throughout the detox process. This will ensure the highly efficient elimination of all the toxins that the zeolite caught within its framework. Zeolite can be taken on a full or empty stomach. 

There are virtually no side effects of zeolite but if you have a weakened immune system, are pregnant, or are on any type of medication, it’s always best to check in with your doctor before treatment.

Buy Organic Zeolite Powder From The Best Source

It’s important to know where your zeolite powder is coming from to ensure the best results. Our organic zeolite is sourced from all organic sources from within the United States and is completely pure and non-GMO.

Start your detox journey today and purchase your zeolite powder here.

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