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How Much Zeolite Should I Take for Good Health?

Zeolite is a unique mineral supplement which can be found in nature. It has nutrients like ​calcium, potassium, sodium - to name a few, which are excellent for the body. 

The most common form of this mineral is ​organic Zeolite Powder. ​Zeolite powder is fine, dry particles produced by the crushing, disintegration and grinding of Zeolite.

The real organic zeolite powder happens naturally. What normally happens is that the volcanic rock and ash mixes up with some alkaline ground water. This blends for millions of years before ​natural zeolite is formed.

It is important to understand that there are different types of Zeolites. However Zeolite Powder contains a particular type called Clinoptilolite. This is the most abundant Zeolite which also happens to be ideal for Zeolite exchange (or Cation Exchange Capacity - CEC). So what it does is that it pulls toxins and heavy metals out of the body then pushes useful minerals in.

​Why take Zeolite?

There are several benefits you stand to enjoy when you take zeolite in its natural form. The main reason why most people take this mineral is because it is a master detoxifier. It is important to understand that the toxins are found everywhere. Over time, they tend to build up in the body and affect your health. It is essential to cleanse the body from these toxins. Zeolite has a unique honeycomb-like crystalline structure which makes is the master of detoxification.

Most of the foods we eat are acid-forming while most green veggies alkalize the body. Zeolite is also recommended for people who need to balance the body pH.It provides alkalizing minerals and supports kidney function.

Zeolite (also, known as Clinoptilolite) has proven to strengthen and regulate the immune system. It has shown to increase T-cell activity and increase the number of macrophages in the body. This mineral has the power to increase the effectiveness of the immune system and protect it from heavy metals.

The other reason why people use zeolite is because it supports a healthy gut. The gut leaks when the permeability of the lining of your intestine wall is high. This causes unwanted microbes and toxins to leak from the intestine, into the blood stream. However, zeolite supports a healthy gut to counter this leakage.

When to use Zeolite?

There are signs that will help you know when you should use zeolite. When you experience digestive discomfort or bloating after eating, or when you feel joint or muscle pain, it is a clear indication that your liver needs to be cleansed. Zeolite will help you do that.

There comes a time when you feel like you cannot focus or have a “brain fog”. You may also notice acne and other skin problems. This is a clear indication that you have an imbalanced pH. You should use zeolite to balance the pH level.

How to use Zeolite Powder?

If you want to use organic Zeolite Powder, then there are certain things that you should keep in mind in order to get the most out of the product. 

Since Zeolite is responsible for eliminating supplemental lithium and even chemotherapy agents from your system, it is not recommended to take with other drugs. If you still want to have a dosage of Zeolite every now and then, you should consult a physician as to what your options are. 

The detoxification process can induce sleep in the human body. You should not try to overcome the urge, and instead take a nap so that the supplement can work. However, if you run on a busy schedule and cannot take a nap, it is best that you reduce your dosage. Sleep helps the powder heal more efficiently.

If you are new to Zeolite and you do not want to have it directly, you can simply mix it into your meals. Stir the powder into water, juices or smoothies. You also have the option to put in any dish that you cook. However, check if the powder is tasteless beforehand or else it will spoil the taste for you. One tablespoon of Zeolite powder mixed in 8 ounces of water is the ideal daily dosage.

How much Zeolite Powder should I Take?

If you are planning to take Zeolite but cannot figure out how much to actually take, then do not worry because we have that covered for you.

Different brands have their own version of Zeolite which is why it is difficult to think of a fixed quantity that you should take. However, there are some general rules that you will be able to follow no matter what brand your Zeolite is from.

The two most commonly used types of Zeolite are the Zeolite Powder and the Liquid Zeolite. Both of them come with labels which state their compositions and the dosage instructions. With the liquid version, there is very little chance of an overdose.

Most scientific studies state that the recommended dosage varies between 2.5 to 5 grams if your objectives are general maintenance and prevention. You can take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of powdered Clinoptilolite to cover that amount. Studies have found that ingesting this power orally can help to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body.  

Which is better Zeolite Powder or Liquid?

Liquid Zeolite is rather controversial. While many appreciate how convenient it is to consume, others argue that its effects are not as great as that of powder Zeolite. No real clinical studies have been conducted on the efficiency of liquid Zeolite, but popular brands have claimed that they make the product simply by suspending micronized powdered Zeolite in water. However, this makes it difficult to judge how much actual Zeolite is present in the concoction. For all one knows, companies could be mixing a very little amount of Zeolite powder with a flavored liquid concoction and then selling it off at a higher price point.

The quantity of liquid Zeolite bottles is so low that one would have to consume an entire bottle in order to cover the minimum dosage as recommended by scientific studies. However, you also cannot have too much liquid Zeolite at once as a result of which it might take longer for you to see any actual results.

Powdered Zeolite makes it easier for you to measure your dosage and have the correct amount. The only reason you might prefer liquid Zeolite is if you do not want to get into the trouble of making a drink to suspend the powder in. However, that extra effort is worth taking the correct amount of Zeolite which your body needs.

What are the ​Best Zeolite Brands?

There are a large number of brands out there which are trying to provide Zeolite to the common people. Remember that powdered Zeolite often works better for your body.

If you are confused, you should try reading the labels as thoroughly as possible before you buy a product. You will need an adequate dosage in order to see the benefits of Zeolite. Brands offer different dosages, which is why the label will be able to help you out. A company which lists all the ingredients used in the product separately is a better option.
 For example, the SomaVital Zeolite Powder is made with 100% pure Clinoptilolite. There are no additives involved which makes it perfectly safe for consumption. The powder is ground with the help of ceramic balls which also enable micronization. As a result, the powder is so fine that it can be mixed into any medium later on. SoaeVital does not compromise with the purity of their product at any cost. 

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