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Candida Treatment with Zeolite

Candidiasis is one of the most common problems that affect people today. According to figures released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 46,000 Americans get affected by candidiasis every year . It is worth noting that these figures are conservative because they are based on individuals who report that they have a severe form of candidiasis called candidemia. 


However, when you consider that many people suffer from other less serious but equally painful conditions such as oral thrush and vaginal candidiasis, you are bound to appreciate the fact that it is one of the most significant conditions in the world today.

As it is the case with many other related conditions, it is not easy to treat candidiasis. On the one hand, the condition emerges from a disruption in the standard processes of the body. Your body has all manner of microorganisms, including yeast and bacteria. The body has a natural mechanism that balances these and many other organisms. In this case, for you to be healthy, your natural bacteria colonies are supposed to check on the growth of candida constantly. If it happens that your bacteria are unable to control the growth of candida in your digestive system, then the yeast overgrow. It is the overgrowth of candida in the body that causes candidiasis.

Treating candidiasis is very complicated. Currently, doctors have stuck to the practice of using a range of steroids for topical application. As much as the steroids tend to check the natural growth of candida in your body, they usually cause unprecedented side effects. Also, it is common for the drugs to fail to control the condition over some time.

It is based on these issues that there is a need to use a new form of treatment for candidiasis. Zeolite powder is a viable form of treatment for the condition. For long, the powder has been regarded as a potential solution to a broad range of health issues. The following is a detailed discussion of how you can use zeolite powder as the perfect cure for candidiasis.

Common Solutions and their Side Effects

Today, many medical practitioners recommend the use of drugs to cure candidiasis. The necessary approach that is used to treat candidiasis starts typically with standard laboratory procedures to determine whether a person indeed has the condition. Thus, if you have the signs and symptoms of an overgrowth of candida in your body, your doctor will recommend that you undergo some necessary laboratory tests to assess the condition.

Taking standard laboratory tests is a critical step in the process of treating any condition for that matter. It is when you take such tests that your doctors can tell what you have. In some cases, various conditions share signs and symptoms. Still, in others, you may have more than two conditions at the same time. Therefore, undertaking the tests helps to clarify the situation and enable doctors to understand the problem that they must solve.

Primarily, doctors recommend two drugs as a formidable treatment for candidiasis: Nystatin and Diflucan. In practice, one must take either of these drugs and other supplementary ones for a period. Doctors usually monitor the condition to determine the rate at which the drugs effectively curb the growth of the candida.

But it is important to note that all the drugs that are used to treat candidiasis have far-reaching effects on the human body. If you have the condition and you take the drugs as your doctor asks you to, it is apparent that you will have to cope with their severe side effects. For example, it has been extensively shown that these drugs cause adverse side effects such as body rashes, abdominal pain, and general inflammation . Also, these drugs are associated with more severe side effects such as disruption of the functioning of the liver and diarrhea. Therefore, it is evident that the standard solutions to the problem of candidiasis inadvertently cause more severe problems for individuals who use them.

Why Common Medications for Candidiasis have adverse side effects

Although numerous factors explain why common drugs for treating candidiasis have severe side effects, one of the most important ones relates to their effect on the liver. For your liver to function properly, it must be under ideal conditions. Toxins in the body usually interfere with the way your liver does its work. In this case, the active ingredients in Nystatin and Diflucan interfere with the functioning of the liver . As a result, when the liver senses that the compounds are in the body, it increases the level of production of enzymes. This event triggers a series of other unpleasant effects on the body that culminates in the development of the various reactions. It is the reactions that arise from the hyperactivity of the liver that is referred to as the side effects of the drugs.

It is interesting to note that conventional drugs do not successfully arrest the growth of candida in your body. Whereas the drugs have active ingredients that are supposed to do this function, the compounds usually start interfering with essential processes in your body when they start to accumulate. Using conventional drugs to treat candidiasis is counterproductive in the long term.

Zeolite Powder as the ultimate solution for Candidiasis

Zeolite powder is a particular substance that is collected from unique volcanic ash. Zeolite powder contains several vital compounds that collectively form the entire mineral structure. However, one of the most critical forms of zeolite powder is Clinoptilolite.

There is nothing new about zeolite powder. For centuries, it has been used to treat many conditions in humans. For example, zeolite has been extensively used to deal with common skin problems that people experience. Some of the skin conditions that the mineral effectively treats include acne and general rashes.

Interestingly, zeolite powder offers a more efficient and less harmful solution for candidiasis. Primarily, the active compound in zeolite powder carries out extensive detoxification processes in the body. Usually, as it has been stated before, conventional drugs fail to treat candida because they end up increasing toxins in the body. As one would expect, candida thrives when the body has elevated levels of toxins. Therefore, in theory, effective treatment of candida should eliminate all the toxins in the body.

Zeolite is the perfect treatment for candida because it cleanses the body. When the active compound in the powder detoxifies the body, it destroys the candida diet, thus dealing with all the candida symptoms.

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In conclusion, zeolite powder is the ultimate answer to the question of how to cure candida naturally and permanently. Whereas the conventional drugs fail to contain the overgrowth of candida, zeolite powder effectively kills candida within a short time. Moreover, the zeolite is less harmful than the traditional medications that usually trigger abnormal liver activity.

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FAQs about Zeolite Powder and Candida Albicans

Does zeolite kill all the candida in my body?

No, zeolite does not kill all the candida. When you take a recommended dose of the powder, it effectively kills all the excess candida. Usually, candidiasis occurs when the excess candida grows in other parts of your body. Zeolite powder concentrates on the excess candida and not what is in your colon.

Does zeolite powder has side effects?

No. zeolite powder does not have side effects. The conventional candida drugs have severe side effects because they contain toxins that are said to kill the candida effectively. However, the toxins end up accumulating in your body and, ironically, supporting the process that helps the candida to grow. However, zeolite powder does not contain such compounds. Primarily, the powder functions by cleansing your body of all toxins, thus making it impossible for the excess candida to grow outside its natural habitat, which is your colon.

Why is candida challenging to treat?

Candida is particularly challenging to treat because its spores act as a buffer when there is a presence of a drug in your body. The yeast spores remain dormant for a very long time. In this case, they can remain dormant if you are using drugs. Once you stop taking the drugs, the spores give rise to new candida colonies. However, zeolite powder denies the colonies the environment that they need to survive, thus, killing them off effectively.

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